Baby you’re a firework…

New Years Eve is usually a time for looking back- that whole auld lang syne thing.

It is about taking stock of what has been achieved over the year, what hasn’t been achieved, what you’ve done, what you’ve not done. Who has come into your life, who has gone out of your life, who has come back into your life. Then there are the opportunities-the ones you’ve taken, the ones you’ve passed on, the ones you’ve pretended not to notice and the ones that slipped right on under the radar.

I’d review the year, but I don’t really know where to start- the edited highlights are in this post.

I launched my personal blog and anyways, and the companion site to the book I’m working on are your planets keeping you fat? I also managed an article on the subject for Australia’s Good Health magazine and something in this years Wellbeing Astrology Guide on creativity by the stars.

Aside from that I completed the 1st draft of 2 chick lit novels- with the 1st of those about to go through another re-write in response to my editors suggestions, and the 2nd tucked away for a few months before the re-writes begin.

I also completed the draft for my astro book. Re-writes for that will commence in February.

In October I went back to paid work- just a few days a week- in a Business Manager role for a new retail enterprise. I’m doing their social media, liaising with stylists, designers, merchandisers and marketers. I’m learning a lot.

2012 had its disappointments, and its sadness. I intend leaving those where they belongs- in 2012- and concentrate instead on remembering those who are no longer in my life with gratitude.

2012 also brought with it health issues. I intend leaving these also where they belong.

I don’t know what 2013 will bring, but as I’m writing this, the song in my head is Katy Perrys’ Firework. There’s a spark that is ready to be ignited. Maybe those doors are closed so the perfect one can be opened.

I’m not setting any resolutions, I’m not setting goals. I am, however, setting intentions.

  • I intend to get a publishing deal (or two).
  • I intend publishing my first e book.
  • I intend getting my health back.
  • I intend treating myself better.
  • I intend living with more passion.
  • I intend pushing my boundaries.
  • I intend working with (rather than against) the more challenging aspects in my chart
  • I intend listening to the promise of my chart
  • I intend to still look for the sunshine through the shit
  • I intend to still believe that dreams can come true
  • I intend to finish painting the timber trims.

Sure New Years Eve is a time for setting resolutions, or goals. Most of us have made a declaration at midnight NYE along the lines of what we are giving up, what we are going to lose. What about this year looking forward? What about this year thinking about what there is to gain? What about this year being excited by our resolutions rather than resigned to them?

At midnight tomorrow in Sydney the Moon will be midway through Leo. Did someone say party? For me though, the big story is the conjunction between the Sun and Pluto. Perhaps in 2013, you really can move mountains.

In any case, no matter what declarations or resolutions come out of your mouth at midnight tonight, make sure they are forward focused, represent who you are, your creativity, your ambition and your integrity. Use what you have learned to turn your ideals into reality. No excuses, no regrets- they don’t work. No regrets, they only hurt. Come tomorrow they will seem so yesterday…OMG I am quoting both Robbie Williams and Hilary Duff in the same post…and it’s way too early for the first of those New Years Eves drinkies.

Baby, you’re a firework…

See you in 2013- thanks for helping make 2012 so memorable!