August Stars- for High Heels and Hangovers…



When Venus is retrograde, our attitudes to all things Venusian are reviewed. We go inward in order to process what Venus has to teach us in terms of our patterns, perceptions and habits regarding money, relationships, trust, beauty and self-esteem.  We talked about this last week…or was it the week before? Whenever it was, it was in the Venus Rx Survival Guide.

Things that you do around Venus themes Every Single Time will come up in one way or another over the next 4 weeks or so. They may not be relationship patterns, but perhaps patterns in the way you treat yourself, spend your money, or trust others. But they will come up.

It’s as if the Universe is giving us the opportunity to ask ourselves the questions that need asking. Given that this retrograde is happening (mostly) in Leo, these may be:

How am I valuing myself?

How am I respecting myself?

What is my self-respect worth?

Am I proud of who I am in this relationship?

Don’t be surprised if old relationships come back to haunt you during this period. You may physically bump into an ex or simply find yourself dreaming of and thinking of them. Let yourself go with that. What could have beens are normal, and any meeting at this time just may be an opportunity for closure or clarity.

Just like when Mercury goes retrograde, Venus retrograde doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Given that Venus is retrograde for about 6 weeks every couple of years, you’ve already survived a number of them in your lifetime.

Anyways, essentially this all means that August isn’t the time to make life-changing commitments- to a man, to your hair, your style or your credit card debt. If you are tempted- and you will be- take a step back and read the fine print. If you do fall in love now- whether it’s with a guy or that designer dress at 50% off- enjoy it, but be aware you might feel differently come September.

Other than this, what does it mean for your sign? I’m glad you asked…read on!



Happy Birthday to you! Although you might be feeling that your personal style is so last season, try not to make any radical or irreversible changes until September. This warning applies to anything from a radical hair change to a serious encounter of the cosmetic clinic or tattoo parlour variety. Use this month to review your wardrobe, clear out anything that no longer fits, suits you, or you can’t be bothered fixing; and check out your favourite mags or stylists for a look that does.


The first few weeks of August are about reviewing what’s worked and what hasn’t over the past 12 months. It’s about wrapping up and finishing off…so don’t beat yourself up if there are things that haven’t been crossed off your to-do list. If you’re feeling like something is just around the corner, you’re probably right- Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is a couple of weeks away from a year long stay in your sign. More on this next month.


Take some time to check in on your hopes and dreams this month. Do they need a review? Is the path you’re following one that you’re simply not enjoying anymore? If this is the case, try mixing things up- maybe join a new group, consider saying yes to a social invite that you might normally say no to. Don’t be surprised if you re-connect with someone you thought was part of your yesterday.


Have a think about your work relationships- not just the relationships in your workplace, but your relationship with your workplace and your relationship with work. Is there anything toxic under the surface? Anything that’s no longer working as it should be for you? With Venus retrograde, August is the perfect month for reviewing and renegotiating these relationships, and how those relationships make you feel about yourself.


Take care to keep travel plans flexible this month, and keep your mind open to unexpected opportunities or deviations. What am I telling you this for? Of course you do that already! If you want to explore beyond your own comfort zone- whether that’s the trip of your dreams, or the course that’s going to re-boot your career, now is the time to stop dreaming and start planning…or at the very least, prioritise and schedule.


August for you is about money- specifically the money you owe people, the household or relationship budget, the tax return you should have completed, the budget you’ll get around to. With these issues come consequences, some revision work, and an opportunity to get back on a stable footing. If you do need to sign a new credit contract, take care to read the terms and conditions and be realistic about your lifestyle needs, habits and repayment capacity.


With Venus back-tracking through your relationship zone, you have a great opportunity for review of your existing relationship and how it makes you feel about yourself. While a Venus retrograde is not the best time to start or finish a relationship, it is a good time to consider what you really need from partnership, and honestly deal with what you don’t. Existing relationships may be tested, so apply the usual filters in need to avoid miscommunication.


Here’s the deal, not everything that feels good is good for you. Yes, really. August is perfect timing for reassessing your diet and exercise habits…the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s so easy to lose track of what goes into your mouth and before you know it, weeks have gone by since the last gym session. This month, try spending some time reviewing your routines, schedules and what goes on your plate and in your tummy.


Falling in love now could feel more intense than it usually does. That’s ok. It could also feel more insecure than it usually does. That’s ok too. This person may have come into your life in order to help you go within, maybe show you a new way to resolve an old problem- and could show you a whole lot of new and inventive ways of doing it! Enjoy it for what it is and what it brings you, just take care not to wind happy ever afters forever and ever into the story….not yet, anyway…


The relationships that will be up for review for you this month will be those at home- with family, house-mates, your home, and the people you share it with. August is a time for assessing what’s working and what isn’t. If there are improvements to be made around the home, new paint colours, styles or major renovations, this month is terrific for grabbing some design mags and your ideas board or pinterest page and planning the look you want.


Think about all the relationships you have. There are the ones with friends, lovers, partners, family. What else? What about those with siblings, neighbours, the people on your street, the person who makes your coffee each morning? If you feel as though you’re stuck in some sort of ho hum rut and it’s months before your next holiday, try shaking up your routine. It could be as simple as starting a conversation with a neighbour, changing your route to work (or your radio station), chatting with someone you usually take for granted.


Have you outgrown your personal style? Now could be the time to research what colours and shapes make you body and heart sing. If you really have no idea (and lets face it, many of us don’t), check out your local shopping centre or directory for shopper help or personal stylists- they can save you a fortune in bad decisions….just make sure you keep to your budget. Speaking of which, August is the time to review that too. While you’re at it, why not clean out your wardrobe, your drawers; and donate, throw or recycle anything that is no longer fit for purpose. Get your sewing box out and put those buttons back on and fix the hems that have fallen down.


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