At the crossroads…

© Athos Boncompagni |
© Athos Boncompagni |

Last week we looked at T squares.

We talked about looking to the empty leg as the way through the tension.

But what happens when that empty leg is taken up with another planet- effectively forming two t-squares, or a

Grand Cross.

The Grand Cross consists of four planets, 2 sets of oppositions at right angles to each other creating four squares.

This is an aspect pattern of extremely high tension. Those who have them speak of being pulled in a number of directions at once. They talk about resignation, frustration, obstructions, melancholy, restlessness and sacrifice. They talk about how it can be difficult to see past lifes difficulties. They talk about how they feel that their path is full of road blocks.

Like the t-square, however, we often find grand crosses in the charts of highly successful people- the potential for growth, if you manage to resolve the challenges, is immense.

One question I was asked last week, was:

Is it possible for someone with a grand cross to be happy?

Now, as you know, I’m a walking Pollyanna- most of the time- so my answer to that is, of course, yes…but you will have to work at it harder than someone who doesn’t have their hands full with this many squares.

With a grand cross in your chart, nothing will come easily. It’s that simple.

Those who succeed work their butts off and take every possible opportunity that their hard work creates for them.

Those who don’t, don’t.

The rules?

  • All four planets should be in the same mode.
  • I use orbs of no more than 5 degrees unless the Moon or the Sun is involved.
  • I tend not to use the asteroids- that’s my choice. Over this week I’ve seen a few grand crosses that involved Chiron- it will absolutely be part of your story. The chart I’ve chosen to use as an example has traditional planets at each point- and is made tougher by the inclusion of the two malefics.

So, how do we deal with them?


What is the Mode?

The example we’re using (above) is a Cardinal grand cross. All four planets are in cardinal signs.

Cardinal grand crossers have the potential to be high powered supermen and women. They know that success means the sacrifice of fun stuff.

This particular chart belongs to someone who I regard as being successful in their chosen field, who works tirelessly at their craft, and whose output I respect.

Fixed grand crossers are relentless and focused. With so much fixed energy, they may be overly stubborn, rigid and resistant to change. Once you guys decide to move, nothing will stop you. Fixed grand crossers may also tend to resignation, melancholy or the whole life is crap type mentality more than others do, and may have to mindfully work harder to see possibilities rather than negativity.

Mutable grand crosses are often associated with extremely creative types, teachers and anyone who inspires others. The challenge for these people is in finishing anything. Mutable grand crossers are super flexible, constantly open to new ideas, and losing interest quickly once achievement looks likely. They are restless types constantly looking for new experiences and stimulation.

Break it down

In the case of K’s chart, the aspects we’re paying attention to are:

  • Mars opposition Saturn
  • Mercury opposition the Moon
  • Mars square Mercury
  • Mars square the Moon
  • The Moon square Saturn
  • Saturn square Mercury

With Mars and Saturn involved, this is the chart of a terrier- someone who is prepared to grit her teeth, roll her sleeves up and do what it takes. With the Moon involved, emotions and emotional reactions will be under pressure, and emotional security will be intricately intertwined with the desire to achieve, the desire for material security and the desire to communicate. With Mercury involved, there is a need to act decisively and independently.

I won’t break down each aspect- I don’t have enough words for that- suffice to say, each is important.

Ease it out

Look for an easy aspect coming out of any of the angles.

K has two:

  • Moon sextile Jupiter
  • Mercury trine Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet that K can use to help resolve the multiple challenges that she has.

Jupiter, at 0 Sagittarius and in the 4th house has both essential and accidental dignity. He is in the sign that he rules, and in his own terms. At 0 degrees, this is a pure fresh, completely Jupiterian Jupiter.

Jupiter rules publishing, travel, philosophy, and experiences. Jupiter is also associated with the law, with scholars and with teachers.

Without giving too much information away, K’s career is Jupiterian in nature. Subconsciously she is working her grand cross through Jupiter.