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Astrological Transits: A Book Review


Here at Jo Tracey Astrology, we’re very much about DIY- Doing It Yourself. It’s abut equipping you with the tools that you need to renovate your life using astrology- whether it’s a lick of paint or a few new cushions that you’re planning; or a whole knock down rebuild job.

Knowing your chart doesn’t mean that you are able to control your future, but it does give you a head-start in knowing how you react to different planetary influences. You can use this knowledge to plan your days, weeks, months, years and goals. If you’re a regular reader, you’d know that I go as far as to map my major transits out each year to help with setting my goals for the year.

This is where April Elliott Kent’s Astrological Transits is different to every other cookbook style transit book you might have come across. It’s about identifying, understanding and intentionally using the transits that are being made to your chart to ‘help you recognise the major patterns of your life, overcome difficulties, and make the most of the gifts that are yours.’

You can use these transits to plan your days, weeks, months and year. When you think about it like this, it’s like using the planets to improve your good day ratio.

Transits of the luminaries and personal planets are best for short term planning.

Following the patterns of the Moon is one of the simplest tools you can use to plan your day or your week. Certain activities work best during certain signs and phases of the Moon. You can actively use this to plan those daily activities you have control or influence over planning. You can also use it to adjust your temperament or attitude on days when the planning of your daily activities is out of your control.

Planning your year by the seasons of the sun is a simple thing to do- and something we all should be using now. I certainly focus on it when writing my monthly scopes. Eg, the Sun is in Libra right now- that’s the 8th house for me. This is my annual reminder to make the best of 8th house types of stuff. I’ll be doing my taxes, our budgets, checking out debts, insurances and making sure that the mortgage is doing what it should be at the rate it should be doing it.

Knowing where Mars is can tell you what part of life is receiving an energy boost, while transiting Venus can help you find pleasure when things seem a tad dark.

For more long range planning, you’ll be needing to look at the story being told by the big guys- the heavy hitters of the planetary world- the outers.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a bit of a nerd like this, and map my transits out on a colour-coded spread-sheet each year. It helps me see at a glance what the big themes are for me- and when. It takes me about an hour or so once a year, and I use it to set and adjust goals. Mine, for the next 12 months, looks like this.

Screenshot 2015-09-26 06.49.23

There are a couple of stand-outs on this.

First up, Pluto changes house early next year. When these super slow movers change houses, it heralds big things. In my case, Pluto will have been I my 10th house for about 15 years.

April says the following about this:

The profession you once had is fundamentally changing… you no longer feel happy about taking orders from anybody else. You must feel in control of your destiny, and of your career path…Pluto must be expressed- if not as empowerment, it will be expressed as powerlessness…

What else?

I currently have Uranus conjunct Venus in the 2nd house.

What does this mean?

Uranus is about freedom and independence. It “urges change and liberation from the constraints that make life dull”. Venus is about relationships, money, pleasure and want. Put these together and you get the idea of what could happen under this transit- motivation to search for financial freedom, more freedom or new freedom or disruption in relationships…”that breakthrough you’ve been wishing for if you have been trying to get attention for your style of artistic talents.”

Now, let’s look at Uranus transits of the 2nd house. With this comes a “strong urge to liberate yourself financially…by the time the transit [of this house] finishes, you will be free on some level from financial constraints…”

Get it?

Uranus has another 6 years in the 2nd house- so many of the choices I make during this time will be pushing me towards whatever version of financial independence is right for me. Along the way, aspects made to other planets will influence and prompt many of these actions.

I could, of course, go on…but that would be spoiling the experience of doing it for yourself.

I purchased a copy of this for my kindle, but was also gifted a real book copy by the publisher for review purposes. The opinions are, of course, my own.

If you want a copy, here’s how to get one.