Astro Weather: January 4, 2018

Moon in Leo

Let’s focus today on some F words – no, not that one…words like Fun, Friends, Family, Flair, Feature. Here’s a few more that don’t start with F – Romance, Play, Creativity, Performance. Then there’s Ego and Pride – both of which can be easily damaged today…

Watch out for potential storms as the passionate, dramatic Leo Moon squares off against a Mars/Jupiter pairing in Scorpio. If you need to let off steam, do so intentionally and positively – through exercise. It could just stop things from being blown out of proportion.

If you want to know the forecast for your sign, I contributed – with some other fabulous writers – to the daily horoscopes on Yasmin Boland’s Yastrology site…it’s still a bit of a work in progress, but scroll down and click on the star for your sign.