The Signs – Some Key words

Below are some keywords associated with each sign…use them wisely…

Aries: courage, will, self focus, confident, initiate, first, hunter, enthusiasm, inspiration, vital, mission, conquer, activation

Taurus: pleasure, solid, stable, security, possessions, money, beauty, loyal, stubborn, sensual, practical, patient, indulgent, enduring, storage, regulating

Gemini: curious, inquisitive, intelligent, witty, cheeky mischievous, communication, perception, learning, connect the dots

Cancer: sensitive, nurturing, intuitive, selfless, giving, caring, protective, moody, receptive, enfolding, containment

Leo: artistic, dramatic, regal, proud, leadership, performer, expressive, creative, concentration, glowing, personality

Virgo: systematic, ordered, purifying, analytical, process orientated, practical, precise, discriminating, critical

Libra: art, beauty, harmony, peace, relationship, debate, cooperation, diplomacy, compromise, mediator, peacemaker, justice, fairness, balancing, sharing, partnership

Scorpio: focused, driven, ambitious, emotionally intense, persistence, determination, desire, depth, magnetic, purifying

Sagittarius: travel, higher learning, thirst for new experiences, philosophical, questing, seeking, teaching

Capricorn: hardworking, diligent, practical, ambitious, loner, prudent, conservative, economical, achievement, goals, structural, efficiency of resources

Aquarius: detached, intelligent, social, rebellious, individual, unorthodox, logical, team, utopia, groups

Pisces: adaptable, compassionate, psychic, creative, spiritual, escapist, dreamer, subjective, imagination, diffusion, non-discriminatory