About the houses…

The Houses

In astrology, there are 10 planets and 12 houses, so not all houses may be “occupied” by planets at the time of birth. Note, I’m not counting asteroids etc…and yes, I class Pluto as a planet.

Where there are no planets in a particular house, it usually means that area of life is not of as great an importance to you as those areas where 1 or more planets reside- these houses are a source of vitality to you & represent areas of life where growth can occur.

In terms of importance, always look at the 1st house, the house where the ruling planet lives and houses where there may be heaps of planets doing their stuff.

House Meanings

House House Meaning/ Key words
ASC/1st Health, the Body, self esteem, appearance. This is your mask & how you face the world.
2nd Personal money, personal values, “emotional bank account”, possessions. The things & concepts that we value.
3rd Communication, early learning, siblings, routine, short routine journeys.
4th The home, the family, roots, history. The father. This is the IC.
5th Creativity, children, pleasure, love affairs. The things we take risks on, have fun with or give birth to.
6th Sickness, servants, pets. The stuff we outsource. Daily business, how we approach the work we do for others, habits.
7th Relationships- marriage, professional partnerships, open enemies. This is your Descendant.
8th Death, transformation, other people’s money, the money of the partnership.
9th Travel, spirituality, higher education.
10th Career, public persona. Mother.  This is your Midheaven or MC.
11th Groups, community, friendships. Hopes and Dreams.
12th House of self undoing, escape, institutions.