Astro Basics

The Basics

When people talk about their “Star sign” they are actually talking about the sign that the sun was in at the moment of their birth. So in effect, the star sign is actually your Sun sign. This is the most basic astrological fact about you.

The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto each occupied their own little space in the sky at the moment you were born and each will affect you in a different way.

Your chart is divided into 12 (usually) uneven sections known as “houses”. Each of the houses represents a different part of life. Where each of the planets fall into the houses in your chart will tell more about how that planet operates in your life.

With all of these factors combined, no two Geminis are the same, no two Pisceans are the same – this is why we can’t simply divide the entire world population into 12 neat packages. There are, in fact, many possible combinations…