AskJo- The Virgo Files- Its Got To Be Perfect


I dread writing about Virgo, and yet I have some lovely Virgo friends. Sure their criticality and practicality can frustrate me, but then again my “can’t really be faffed” impractical attitude often drives them to distraction.

So to cover my own butt (which, yes thankyou, I know does look big in these pants), and because I have now re-edited this post at least 3 times, I have decided to hide behind questions which have come through the search engine recently for Virgo. Sure, the responses are clichéd, but a sun sign question requires a sun sign answer.

So, without further ado, and in no particular order:

  • Are Virgos prone to get fat?
  • Are Virgos always skinny?
  • My Virgo wife always has me on a diet
  • Virgo husband told me my bum was fat
  • Virgo wife nags me about my health
  • My Virgo friend doesn’t know when to stop asking questions that I don’t want to talk about.
  • Virgo friend too hard on herself
  • Virgo man clean freak
  • Virgo woman cleans too much
  • Aren’t Virgo women supposed to be neat?
  • Virgo wife always stressed


Whilst there may be an underlying tendency for a particular sun sign to struggle with weight more than others, astrological indicators for weight issues are more likely to be found in Ascendant and Moon signs rather than sun signs per se.

Having said that, Virgo is one of those signs which does not tend to carry too much weight- often she doesn’t carry enough (but will refuse to believe it). On the occasion where she does gain weight, attention should be paid to the needs of the Moon, the Ascendant and the houses in which her Virgo planets are situated- Virgo isn’t at her best when instead of being of service she feels that she is of little service.

Being the sign which is all about digestion and discrimination, Virgo is also very discriminating about what goes into her mouth. If anyone is going to have tummy problems as a result of worry, anxiety, travel, change or any other irritation, it is Virgo. This tendency makes them very careful about what, how and where they eat and how the food they do eat is prepared.

There is, however, always an exception to every rule- I used to work with a Virgo colleague who, when training for the marathons he regularly ran, would stick a meat pie and sauce in between 2 slices of buttered white bread for lunch and call it a pie sandwich. Eeeeeuw. But with a number of planets in Virgo (and a penchant for running ridiculous distances) he was always able to self regulate and was never over weight. During this period of time I believe I put on 5kgs as air borne calories from watching him eat such disgusting concoction. 

This isn’t normal Virgo diet. Virgo does enjoy well cooked foods, whole grains or “harvest” foods, and generally copes well with semi vegetarian diets or food combining. In fact with such a great attention to detail and dedication to what has to be done, they cope well with diets of most types- should they ever need to.

Virgo is associated with the 6th house, so has a natural affinity for health, nutrition and work…and many Virgos have a fascination with these subjects. She also has an inbuilt need to help those she loves in a practical way. And she is good at it too. This is why you may feel that she likes nothing better than to have you on a diet- she wants you to be the best that you can…it is her way of showing you that she loves you and her way of ensuring you stay healthy. So, she will watch your exercise, be concerned about your job, worry about your weight and make sure you get to the doctors and the dentists and get those tests done that you have been putting off.

If at some point you mentioned that you have a concern with your weight or your health or your job, she will grab that and be ready to organise it, follow up for you and be there to make sure you follow the instructions. Because she cares.

The point of all of this? If you don’t want practical suggestions of help, don’t complain to her. If you don’t want to be told your bum looks fat, don’t ask. If you don’t want endless follow up on all your doctor or dentists visits, don’t tell her you are going.

Don’t tell her your job is so crap when you have just had a bad day unless you want her to actively investigate a substitute and arrange an interview for you. She asks because she cares about the answer, she googles your symptoms because she is interested and she organises you because she wants to assist you- annoyance is certainly not her intention.

If you don’t want her to keep asking you, tell her that you don’t want to talk about it. As long as you aren’t blatantly rude she won’t be offended. Virgo is practical and straight forward and deserves to be treated with the same level of respect- she doesn’t do spin and she doesn’t do subtlety, and that can be a lovely change.

One of my closest Virgo friends with a very busy counting things job has long complained that she would love to outsource her cleaning, but freely admits that they would never do it well enough for her.

This is one of the most common Virgo clichés- that of clean freak. Agreed Virgo likes things to be hygienic and safe, and she also likes to be organised, keep lists and deal with the details. Even for the Virgo who lives in a messy house, there will be something in her life which is organised, clean and the details taken care of. Virgo needs a clean, orderly environment and regular routine and schedule in order to ease her anxiety.

The other major perception held about Virgo is that of her criticality and nagging. Yes, she can be judgemental, possibly overly so. She can also be overly critical of so much, and she can nag- and these characteristics apply to both the men and women of the species. But these are not features specific just to Virgo…seriously my 12 year old Aries daughter is simply brilliant at it…although Virgo is pretty good.

The accusation of nagging and criticality is one of those things that is often directed at the “nagger” by the “nagee” who knows that he was asked to get the lawn mown before he sat down to watch the football :).

No one is harder on Virgo than she is. Her view of perfection is rarely satisfied and near enough is rarely good enough. Tell her she looks great and she will pinch at an imaginary piece of fat on her hip and declare that she is losing tone. The saddest thing is that she will really believe it.

This also explains why Virgo is so often stressed. She takes on too much for too many and often gets stressed through over work and under appreciation. At these times it can do her good to take a lesson from her Pisces opposite, lie back on the lounge with a wine, watch the weeds grow and the ironing pile up and not give a faff for a while.