AskJo: Blame it on the Moon?

You said yesterday that the Taurus Moon can make you over eat. Is that why I have been eating so much lately?

Lol, nice try. Unless you have your natal Moon in Taurus, you can only blame a tendency to over eat on the Moon a few times a month. When the Moon is in Taurus is certainly one of those times.

Taurus is very much about the physical body and its’ comfort. Taurus also rules the throat and, taking that concept to the next level, what you put into your throat! With Venus as its’ ruler, Taurus, like other Earth signs, doesn’t eat for purely practical reasons, she really likes food and how it feels in the mouth, looks on the plate, tastes and smells.

The Moon is, amongst other things, associated with what makes us feel safe and secure emotionally and what nourishes our soul. In Taurus she is said to be exalted or exaggerated. As such people who have their natal Moon in Taurus are prone to comfort eating more than most other signs.

Having said that, all of us need extra emotional nourishment from time to time. And for some reason when the Moon is in Taurus I have so many more “close the fridge door and step away from that chocolate” conversations with friends than at any other time:

“I couldn’t help myself- it started at one square and became the whole block!”

“I never have fast food, but today I just had to.”

“I just felt like I needed to treat myself.”

“OMG I just had a whole plate of chips and gravy.”

Shopping is the other therapy we often indulge in when the Moon is in Taurus. On Monday afternoon I visited my local Department store to pick up some foundation (at my age the maintenance costs are going through the roof) and came out with the makeup I did need plus a selection of Chanels’ new range- a quad eyeshadow, new dark purple eye pencil and a really cool purply-greige nail polish- which I certainly didn’t.

I then felt extremely virtuous when I said “no” to the cupcakes hubby brought home because he “couldn’t resist them and thought we all needed a treat.” No, he doesn’t need to know about the makeup I have already indulged in…

The Taurus Moon is also a good time for body therapies of any kind. Get those kinks ironed out in a massage, indulge in some other beauty treatment. Even getting out for a walk or getting your hands dirty in the garden can be good Taurus therapies to nourish the soul that won’t show on the hips.

If, however, you do have a craving for something, go for it. Just make sure that you do it in a Taurus way- indulging every single one of your senses. Think quality not quantity.

If you crave chocolate cake- get the best piece you can afford. Look at how it is plated, inhale the decadence, feel the texture on your tongue and savour every mouthful. And seriously, as long as it really is a treat and not an excuse or a habit, a couple of times a month (Cancer Moon is another high danger period) can surely be built into your routine?

Now that it’s gone too far to call for a halt,
I’ll blame it on the moon
‘Cause it’s not my fault;
I didn’t think that this would happen so soon
So I’ll blame it on the moon.

Lyrics from “Blame it on the Moon” by Katie Melua