Ask AstroJo: The Transit Edition


Thanks for the questions. I have more to post, but for now, here are the ones relating (loosely) to transits…

What order do you refer to transits eg if transiting Venus is conjunct Pluto in your birthchart, how do you say that?

A very good question, with 2 answers.

  1. When we refer to planets making contacts with our birth (or natal) chart, we always refer to the transiting planet first eg Venus conjunct Pluto, or, if you want to be exact, Venus conjunct natal Pluto. If it is Pluto that is the transiting planet, this would be reversed ie Pluto conjunct Venus…and in this case, just a tad scarier!
  2. When we refer to aspects being made in the planetary weather, ie now in the sky, we always refer to the fastest moving planet making (or applying) a transit to the slower planet. In order of speed, they are (usually): Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto. The exceptions? When a (normally) slower planet is applying to make an aspect to a retrograde one or one that has slowed down eg if Venus is coming up from behind and will pass Mercury along the way, Venus is applying to Mercury, so we would say Venus conjunct Mercury.

Sometimes you say “applying” and sometimes you say “separating”. What does this mean?

A planet which is moving towards an aspect with another planet is said to be “applying” to that planet. Eg if Venus and Mars are both in Leo (which we know they aren’t). Venus is a faster moving planet and will most likely pass Mars. So, if Venus is at 10 Leo, and Mars is at 12 Leo they might meet or “perfect” the conjunction at 14 Leo. Until they do, the aspect is “applying”. Once the aspect has been exact (to the minute), or “perfected”, the faster moving planet will begin to “separate” or move away. Naturally this relates to all other aspects as well. As an aside, say you have Venus applying to Mars at 18 Gemini 21′ and Venus gets as far as 18 Gemini 12′ before turning retrograde, strictly speaking that aspect did not perfect. This is important mainly for horary or electional astrology.

Are you scared of any transits?

Wow! Ummm, how do I answer this? I have so many people saying stuff like “Saturn is moving into my 5th house, so there goes my fun for the next couple of years” or “Uranus is conjunct Venus- when will I ever get a break?”

Firstly, when personal planets (Sun-Mars) transit something bigger in your birth chart, it generally means little more than a good or bad hair day…unless there is an underlying bigger theme happening (ie an outer planet transit or a progression…a subject for another Q&A). So when someone says OMFG I have Venus square Pluto coming up, I’m a little “whatever” ish about it.

It’s when they say Pluto square Venus that I start to listen.

Having said that, don’t just read the horror stories. Sure it might be hard or challenging (and, let’s face it, whenever Pluto is involved there will be challenges involved even with the so called “easier” transits) but look also at how you can work with that transit.

Eg Pluto conjunct the Midheaven can mean problems with authority and power struggles, It may manifest in your career being kicked out from under your feet. But none of that will happen unless it needs to. It can also mean that you step up and accept power, leadership or authority- that you are ready to accept this.

Look also at the aspects that outer planet makes natally. Eg if Pluto aspects Venus natally or you have Venus in Scorpio, any Pluto-Venus transit may not be as difficult for you as it would be for someone else because you live with those themes every single day of your life.

Back to the question: Am I scared of any transits? Yep. When I see Saturn coming I run a mile- simply because Saturn does not aspect any other planet in my chart, so I have not integrated it well into my life. As a result, any Saturn energy coming at me is new, unfamiliar and just plain eeeeuw.

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  1. Right now I have transiting neptune and chiron conjunct my 8th house sun and opposing natal uranus/pluto conjunction in the 2nd. I am currently experiencing family disruption and financial loss. My 9th house jupiter/moon in Pisces is telling me to keep the faith. : )

    1. thats one pile of nasty brown stuff hitting the fan. That 9th house Jupiter/Moon will keep the faith if any can. Warm wishes. But you are so right- we can’t control what gets thrown at us, only what we do with it.

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