Ask Astrojo: The Pisces Files Pt 2. Faking It.



somewhere in the South Pacific. Pic by me.
somewhere in the South Pacific. Pic by me.



OK, more of your Pisces related questions.

  • Why do Pisces have to always fake it. It’s like my girlfriend makes herself into who I want her to be and then she is different at work and with other people. I don’t know who is in my bed sometimes.
  • My Pisces boyfriend doesn’t seem to worry about what could happen- he has no idea about consequences.
  • I think my Pisces partner is cheating….
  • Pisces fickle of heart…

OK, let’s address the faking thing first. Yes, we do. Fake it, I mean. Your challenge is to work out whenJ. But this is harder than you would think as half the time we don’t know that we are doing it.

Pisces can be whoever she wants to be depending on who she is with. Haven’t you ever noticed that many famous Pisces are famous for being someone else- for playing a role? Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minelli, Drew Barrymore- the list of Piscean actors goes on. Even Pisces leaders in business are playing a part.

Sometimes Pisces gets so entrenched in playing the part that she no longer remembers how to be herself…if indeed there is such a creature. Generally speaking, however, if you see a Pisces in the limelight/ spotlight/ headlights/ headlines/ whatever, be assured that she will be playing some type of role.

It’s like that paragraph in the book Eat Pray Love (and yes, I know there are a lot of you out there who think that it was self indulgent shite…but there was so much that rang true for me…) where Liz says that she absorbs her partner to such an extent that she becomes them. Pisces has this chameleon like way of changing her spots depending on who she is with- not for any manipulative reason (although sometimes we do use it to get what we want), but because Pisces has no boundaries- she is the porous membrane.

Having said that, the whole faking thing or acting or different persona is also just another word sometimes for escaping. And yes, we do that too. We escape physically when we run away to Bali with a BFF, we escape chemically when we indulge in whatever our indulgence happens to be. Pisces has an addictive personality and can easily become hooked on most things- alcohol, drugs (and Neptunian types are especially affected by any chemical substance- more on that in a separate post), food, exercise, sex. We escape virtually into our daydreams and fantasies and books and travel brochures. Yes, I know it frustrates you, but too bad so sad. Reality can be so disappointing and fantasy so very tempting.

Which brings me to the cheating question- is Pisces prone to cheating? No more than any other sign in the right circumstances. There is this idea that mutable signs are more prone to cheating than fixed signs. Yet, I get more questions asking about Taurus men (who I would have thought were the most unlikely to cheat their way out of a relationship once they had bothered to be in it and hold onto what they have got…tightly…) than any other sign. Does this mean they cheat more? No. I’ll say it again: no one sign is more prone to cheating than another.

There are, however, some signs which are absolutely more able to compartmentalise, justify or hide their actions when they do, and some that are completely honest about it…but that is another story entirely!

What is cheating? That question depends entirely on a personal definition, personal set of morals and personal set of boundaries. And seriously, I reckon I would get a different answer from each of you…and that answer will only partly be a result of your sun sign. Dare I say cheating is defined by the cheatee not the cheater? And, with her penchant for playing the victim, Pisces very often finds herself in the role of cheatee not cheater. So perhaps the question should be “if I cheat will my Pisces wife forgive me…she did the last time and the time before that…”

Does straying under the influence count? Does it count if you are in love? Pisces finds it very difficult to separate sex from love…or at least the fantasy of love… Is it cheating if the affair exists only in her head, in her fantasies?

Does it count if she felt sorry for him and it was a mercy shag? What if he took advantage of her and she was the victim? What about flirting? Pisces is good at that. What if it just happened and it wasn’t her fault? What if the relationship is dying and she wants a way or an excuse out? What if he really understood how she feels in a way no one else ever has? What if she is the only one who really understands him, because his wife no longer does…?

Again those non- existent boundaries and faulty navigation system can cause problems. Often her boundaries are breached before she is consciously aware of it. Pisces is not great at accepting consequences, but can be good at passing blame, or applying spin to the situation or beating herself up for way too long. Pisces is either victim or martyr and can play these roles under most circumstances.

Pisces can fall in love quickly, and when she is in it, she is it. More on Pisces in love when we get to Venus in Pisces.  All I will say here is that she wants to feel like she hasn’t felt before. This does not mean that she is any more prone to cheating than any other sign- but it may go a little way to explaining why, if she does stray, that she did stray. Then again, if she feels that she is needed, if she feels that you love her (save the talk, it means little, she needs to feel it) she will be loyal forever- maybe long after that loyalty is deserved.

It also explains why she may be less prepared to accept the consequences of her actions. Accepting consequences implies accepting boundaries…and by now you would have a fair idea about what Pisces thinks about that one!

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