Ask AstroJo: The Pisces Files Pt 1… Underneath the Radar


We haven’t done one of these for a while, so here are just some of the Pisces related questions you have been asking or searching for over the last few months. Wow. Regular readers of this blog know that I am Pisces in magnification. Super Pisces if you will. My Pisces Ascendant magnifies the Pisces Sun and Moon. My chart rulers- Neptune and Jupiter- are exactly trine each other and my Sun and Moon.  It is no wonder my boundaries are constantly dissolving and the edges blurred, but that is no excuse. I am each of these questions, so at the risk of exposing the chinks in my own persona, here goes…in no particular order… Naturally if you, or the Pisces in your life, has their Ascendant or Moon elsewhere, these traits may not be as exaggerated!

The most searched term on the website for Pisces is Pisces escape artist. Some of the other things you want to know about Pisces have been:

  • If Pisces are so damned intuitive, how is it that I never know when someone is interested in me until it is too late? Everyone else reads the signs and I can’t ever trust that they are interested in me and close down in case they aren’t, but then they think I have rejected them. Can’t they just know?
  • I am a Capricorn and my boyfriend is a Pisces. It really frustrates me that he can’t settle into anything and has no idea what he wants, but has so much potential.
  • It’s like my Pisces girlfriend doesn’t have a mind of her own. She is so influenced by everyone else.
  • My Pisces girlfriend can do anything she sets her mind to, but as soon as she gets close to winning she backs out. Why is that?

I have a faulty navigation system, a bad radar…call it what you will… when directional skills were handed out, I was a long way down the line.

I can pick a pregnancy so quickly that the soon to be happy couple are only just past the post coital cuddle stage themselves. It’s something in the line of the jaw. I read moods and emotions pretty well and get my bearings in a new city really quickly.

And then there is a massive blind spot where my personal radar should be. I don’t trust myself at all when it comes to working out how others really feel about me. I have no flipping idea. I worry and I obsess and I project and I close down. I don’t read the signals, I don’t play the games and I don’t see the bleeding obvious.

My husband always worries when I travel because he doesn’t think I have enough self awareness- that I don’t notice things which could potentially get me into trouble. He is probably right. He doesn’t worry too much about me straying because he reckons that my radar is so bad that I wouldn’t notice if anyone was interested in me. He’s not far wrong.

My Gemini friend & I spoke a lot about this when we were in Bali. We talked about my faulty (actually non- existent) radar and we spoke about goals. With the possibility of career changes for both of us looming, it was the perfect time to talk about such things. I listened to her make sense and she listened to me ramble and obsess & avoid- it’s amazing what is revealed over a few too many Bintangs or daquiris.

We both have Pisces Moons so feel safe with our dream worlds & understand that about each other. Her Cancer Ascendant gives her a practicality though, that I am missing. As we talked she was already moving into intention while I was still stuck in my fantasy world. She saw the self doubt and the excuses before I even opened my mouth.

‘But what is it you want?’

‘I have no idea. I think I want to learn how to run.’

‘Do you really or do you just think that you do? Would that be for you?’

I can’t answer that.

‘I want to lose 20kgs.’

‘Well, why don’t you?’

‘I’m too scared.’

‘I know Darl, but you have to take the risk.’

The reality is, us Pisceans don’t do reality well. I am no exception- I do goals the Pisces way & I am pretty crap at them. My dreams are safely packed away and I bring them out every so often, examine them, decide that the real world is too big & too scary & lock them back away again. Like that scene in Eat Pray Love  where Liz exclaims with exasperation to her soon to be ex-husband something like “It’s great to have dreams, but just pick one!”

When I do the goal thing, I truly & honestly lose focus so easily that I either forget what it is I was supposed to be doing or have changed my mind already. My energy comes and goes, as does my intention. To be honest, I really don’t know if I really want to know how to run. I honestly don’t think I will like it (although my Venus in Aries certainly does like sweat & I am at my most creative when I am moving). I don’t think it is my goal, I think it is one that I have absorbed or think that I should want. This is why I have pretty well fallen into everything I do without any conscious thought. And I do mean everything. And it’s all worked out fine.

When I think about setting goals I start to over-think and question myself…and because my view of myself is pretty unclear, that is where the problems begin:

  • What happens if I tape the girls up tight so they don’t cause me an injury, pull the trainers on, deal with the joint pain and still hate it? Do I simply look for something else?
  • What happens if I lose the 20kgs and the things I visualise happening don’t happen? What happens if I remove so many layers that inside the armour is visible?
  • What happens if I finish this book & no one wants to publish it?
  • What happens if I finish the book, someone wants to publish it, but no one wants to buy it?
  • What happens if it is successful and I am visible?

It is far easier to pour a glass of something- thinking is over rated.

Now, obviously this is a bigger question than whether I want to learn to run, lose 20kgs or finish writing a flipping book, but, you get the idea. I take things to a level where exposure is necessary…at which point I close down, self sabotage, make excuses (usually really creative ones) and look for something else. Swim in a different direction.

So, what do I do when success and exposure is imminent? Usually I run away or close down. The first thing to go is my radar. Such a Pisces thing to do.

I am extremely fortunate in that I have choices. So many choices, so much possibility…limitless possibility. I am also fortunate that I can recognise it as such. I am even fortunate in my extreme Pisces-ness that it doesn’t even occur to me that I may not succeed, that there are no boundaries to what I can do if I just flipping do it. Sometimes the removal of choice is what is needed to achieve.

I heard somewhere once that there was this off the wall study that looked at young entrepreneurs- you know the types, that make serious money with amazing ideas and taking incredible risks very young. This study found that Pisces are the most likely to fall into this bracket. The imagination has no barriers. But it is the very lack of boundaries that is the downfall for Pisces. The start up is the easy part. It is when reality hits and business plans and structures and goals have to be put in place that it all starts to fall apart.

The key to setting goals for Pisces is to get in touch with our opposite, Virgo. Learn to articulate what the intention is, clearly, and break it down into bite size achievable and measurable pieces. Before you do this, ask yourself if the goal feels right. If it feels authentic. Ask yourself if you are doing this for yourself or for your partner, parent, boss, friend, almost lover or someone in your fantasy life. Ask yourself if achieving this will make your dream come true.

Be creative. Above all, define some boundaries. For Pisces, this is extremely important. I read a great article today by Sarah Wilson about how enforcing some boundaries can actually give you the freedom to achieve your goals. An interesting concept, but one I can identify with.

One big warning. Don’t escape into Virgo too far. Use the best of your opposite to plan and maintain focus, but don’t over analyse. Paralysis by analysis and over-thinking are escape routes just the same as losing your focus in the bottom of a wine glass or running away to Bali.

If you have a Pisces Ascendant, Pisces Sun or Moon, perhaps the Sun or Moon tightly aspected by Neptune, or Neptune on the Ascendant you might be reading this and nodding your head in understanding. If you have Mars in Pisces, in the 12th house or aspecting Neptune, this could also be you… particularly if Saturn is compromised as well.  If, however, you have a strong Saturn or earth signature to your chart, you will probably be reading this and shaking your head in frustration or exasperation. But consider this- those of us who are directionally challenged find your sure-footedness and focus just as difficult to understand.

And seriously, sometimes the voice on those satellite navigation systems drives you so much to distraction you have to turn it off. Sometimes it is nice to get lost. Sometimes it is nice to float away & just let it be what it will be.


  1. Awesome piece! I don’t have Pisces moon, sun og Asc – but I certainly recognised the traits! I have a kite involving both Pisces and Virgo: Neptune in the 12th (scorpio), trining Mars in Can 8th and Jup/Chiron 3rd in Pisces. I also have 4 planets in Virgo – sun, moon, Pluto and Uranus – and I have to say the planet I rely most on is Pluto for willpower, but Pisces is always there, trying to get me to do something not so scary, always telling me I’m going to fail, telling me it’s not necessary to work this hard. I’m clueless about people, but I’ve stopped analyzing people when I realized there’s just no way I can know what people are thinking by thinking about what they might be thinking, if you know what I mean … I can be very, very focused for a while, and then it just burns out. An example: For the last two weeks I have been working around the clock to finish a manuscript. I’m almost there – perhaps another 50 pages – and all the while I’m trying to convince myself I should get some sleep, see a movie, do something else for God’s sake. (I will finish – or die trying!). It takes an enormous amount of energy to get where I want to go, but I do have the advantage that I know what I want. All I ever wanted to do was to write. That makes it easier. Getting in touch with your inner Virgo is great, but don’t let it get in the way of creativity. And Jo, there might be people out there who will not read your book, but there are also loads of people that would love it. Also, no matter what kind of writer you are, rejection letters are simply a part of the process and the best way to handle them is to not take them personally. I usually crumble them up and throw them in the bin, then forget they ever came. The good ones I put up on my wall to remind me of the people who love my writing. And I’ve had a lot more rejections than acceptance. Good luck!

  2. Thanks so much for this. I have to say I use Mars (in Scorpio) & Pluto (opposing all my 1st house Pisces stuff) to provide what focus I have. With 4 Virgo planets you would certainly be recognising the traits.

  3. When is the Uranus in Aries series gonna start? It sounds good! And since I have it transiting my 1st house, I think you’ll be doing me first. lol

  4. aaaah Mark, such an Aries response…I was thinking about starting at the 12th & going backwards… The 1st one should be up tomorrow & yes, it will be 1st house.

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