Ask AstroJo: How Long Does Aries Stay Mad (and Other Questions)

I haven’t done many of these recently, but given that there is barely a day go by without a question on the search records about Mars and Mars ruled signs and their related temper issues, I figured I better post on the subject.


When life is boring and relationships are business as usual and I am feeling hemmed in and restrained, I will prompt an argument just to spice things up. Sure that claustrophobic feeling is Uranus in the 7th house talking, but Mars in Scorpio is the one who actually comes to the party. Which is why it makes sense that those signs ruled by Mars (Aries and Scorpio) will generally equal a pretty formidable temper.  It is also why if you have the double- Mars in Aries or Scorpio and the Sun in these signs- you are likely to be armed and dangerous…figuratively speaking of course.

Mars tells us how we assert ourselves, how we go about getting what it is that we want. It also shows how we act when we are frustrated, thwarted or don’t get what we want. Whether you are a tantrum (or shoe) throwing diva, can decorate a sentence with expletives, or simply retire to a quiet place to plot a well thought out revenge attack, Mars is the planet credited with your temper. 

The Moon also has a part to play as this is the part of us which reacts emotionally and unconsciously. As such the Moon in Mars ruled signs will also usually mean a reaction which is Martian in style. So, to sum up, when it comes to tempers and Aries/ Scorpio:

  • The Sun in a Mars ruled sign (Aries or Scorpio) or house (1st or 8th) will be generally well endowed in the assertion/aggression stakes- whether it is assertion or aggression will depend on other chart aspects.
  • Mars in Mars ruled signs and houses (1st & 8th) will be more effective in a conflict.
  • Mars in any sign in tight aspect to Pluto will act like Mars in Scorpio. If you come across Mars in Aries in the 8th house in opposition to Pluto you definitely have a challenge on your hands!
  • Mars in conjunction or hard aspect to the Moon will act in a similar way.


Mars in Aries

  • How long does an Aries man stay mad for?
  • Why does Aries Man fly off the handle all the time?

Aries is hot blooded and goes from 0-boiling point in seconds. But that sort of heat can’t be sustained for long. Mars in this sign is truly in Warrior mode, although, generally speaking, he is after a quick victory. Once that has been achieved, he is ok about walking away and onto the next challenge. He is also able to detach emotionally and stand back and declare that “its just business” and pick battles that he is more likely to win.

He doesn’t generally stay mad for long and rarely needs closure…unless he has his Moon in a sign more known for its staying power… like Scorpio. Now that is a formidable combination indeed!  One of my closest friends is a triple Aries (Ascendant, Sun, Mars) with a Scorpio Moon whose temper, whilst quick burning, does have the power to last when the occasion merits that.  It is fortunate that he is so easy to love as I certainly would not want to make an enemy of him :).

 Mars in Scorpio

  • How long does a Scorpio man stay mad for?
  • Why does Mars in Scorpio like revenge?
  • Why is Mars in Scorpio obsessive?

Water signs are motivated by emotions so fights and arguments are always personal and to be avoided wherever possible. Pisces Mars can dissolve into a fountain of tears and curl up into the foetal position with a case of wine until it is over and she has manipulated everyone into feeling sorry for her (Mars in Pisces does victim well). Cancer Mars will retreat to her shell with a family size block of chocolate, some good emo music, her journal and get ready to brood and review what could have been said. Mars in Scorpio, however, is dangerously controlled…and extremely effective.

If you have this placement, the potency may scare you to the extent where you will avoid arguments wherever possible. Resentment and hurt will be buried deeply where the issue can fester and become bigger than it needs to be by the time it sees the light of day. A minor incident is then able to be dredged up and turned into a WTF moment ie Where The Flip did that come from?

As emotionally charged as Mars in Scorpio is, when it comes to a conflict that really matters, we can be the coldest, dirtiest fighters there are. If Mars in Scorpio appears still and flat when she should be ranting, do not be deceived- this is when she is at her most dangerous. Under no circumstances should you rush to fill the silence- this only provides ammunition.  Instead back right off, don’t attempt to cover your tracks and be honest. There is nothing Scorpio likes less than a liar. Behind every smiling Mars in Scorpio face lies a List filled with the names of people who have betrayed him or lied to him…and you don’t want to be on it.

Once in a conflict, Mars in Scorpio will not back away. Mars is super strong and super focused in Scorpio and nothing less than complete victory will satisfy- no matter how long it takes. Mars in Scorpio is in there for the long haul and will conserve energy accordingly.

Likewise, when Mars in Scorpio desires something, he does so with every single part of his being- at a risk of being blinded by the compulsion and obsession. Rather than hunt down his prey for a quick win like Aries Mars, Scorpio Mars will stalk it and trap it. Where Aries will wear you down and out with his energy, Scorpio magnetises and draws you in.

Scorpio is extremely controlled and people with Mars in Scorpio learn early on that their emotions and temper need to be controlled and popped into compartments in order to protect their own vulnerability and get what they want. She will appear completely “together”, capable and focused on the outside. You may see flashes of mood and emotion (depending on where the Moon is), but in general, you will not be exposed to the full force of the Scorpio rage unless you have somehow earned our trust.  And, with Scorpio, this is not something to be taken lightly.

For more on Mars in Scorpio, check out Revenge is Sweeter Than You Ever Were.

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  1. so a leo mars conjunct asc (and uranus) that squares a scorpio moon would be tempermental… :> oh gosh, you are so right. i have a trigger temper and with the scorpio moon, can be lethal. am trying to learn to manage it better as the fall out earlier in life has caused many regrets… such s surprise for those who just look at my cancer sun! thanks, another great article.

  2. Hi Maica…that would be temperamental and, dare I say it, just a tad dramatic :)? Mars conjunct Uranus is super quick too…interestingly Gordon Ramsay (he of the amazing vocabulary) has Mars conjunct Uranus in the 6th- talk about temperamental with staff!

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