Armageddon is coming…so pour that wine

Because I am disorganised, here is last years Gemini Sun post, updated just a tad for now…

© Binkski |
© Binkski |

Apparently the end of the world will occur in approx 1 hour (Sydney time) and the chosen few will be sucked into rapturous oblivion (in fact, according the time zones, it should have already happened in New Zealand…). Just in case it does I am wondering a couple of things:

  • If the end of the world is coming, why did I bother going for what approximated a “run” yesterday (and which I am now in a world of pain about today)
  • If the end of the world is coming, I may as well greet it with a glass of wine
  • If the end of the world is coming, there are things that need to be said to people I have never said them to…but then again, if the end of the world is coming, I am sure that what I didn’t say will be the last thing they think about.

Words don’t come easily to me. They get stuck in my throat and often remain unsaid. Water signs tend to be naturally private and I am more watery than most with absolutely no planets in Air signs anywhere in my chart and the worst Mercury in living history.

I can manipulate and play games and flirt and generally bullshit with the best. I can sell coal to Newcastle if I need to. But I have always had difficulty expressing what I want, what I need or how I feel about people. As soon as things get serious my throat closes up and I bolt for cover. I am a consummate actress in those circumstances.

So, what does one do when one has no Air and when one has something to say? Usually nothing. Absolutely nothing. It helps that I tend to be closest to people with strong water placements- they usually “get me” without me having to get the actual words out.

If I am brutally honest with myself, I actually don’t see the need in all the endless talk and analysis and dissection. Feelings are felt, not described, and very often (at least in my watery experience) have very little to do with logic and even less to do with the detail that is often sought.

Alternatively one does what I have unconsciously done in recent years…surround myself with Gemini. It is as if I am filling up the empty parts of my chart with the Air that I am missing. My husbands’ chart is full of Air planets (Mercury and Venus in Libra and the Moon in Gemini) so communication for him is a big thing, whereas for me, I say what I need to say through…well, I guess I don’t really say what I need to say!

Three of my closest girlfriends have their Sun in Gemini- which is unusual in that Air signs are usually those I have most trouble with. I don’t get the head stuff…just as I know many other signs have major problems with Pisces- they don’t get the heart/drama/victim/martyr/check out from reality stuff. Each to their own. Anyways, as I was saying…

One, who I have known for nearly 20 years, is easily one of my oldest and closest friends. With a 3rd house Moon/ Mercury conjunction she is able to pour her heart and soul into birthday and Xmas Cards- cards which mean more to me than I will ever be able to tell her… as does her friendship. Her Sun squares my Moon.

Another challenges me to tell the absolute honest no nonsense truth and encourages me to get my Piscean head out of the sand and see reality. We met at an astro workshop and clicked. I think I can safely say that we have each taught the other more about astrology than we learned that day. She asks questions to get to the extra detail where I simply accept. OK, I would feel happier if she allowed me to remove Saturn and all his talk of responsibility and commitment from my chart forever, but I understand that sometimes I can’t avoid real life and all its’ (unwelcome) consequences. Her Sun squares my Ascendant and my Sun.

The third lives in Perth and is someone to whom I have divulged more than I probably should have without fear of reprisal or commonsense (which is seriously over rated). She possibly knows more about the stupid stuff I have done, continue to do and the reasons why I do the things I do and feel the way I do… and she is fine with that- no judgement…ever.  She has an 8th house Pisces Moon/Jupiter conjunction which conjuncts my Mercury. For some reason she always knows when I am going to need to vent or to cry my eyes out and will call exactly at that moment. When I have major ugly and fat “not good enough” moments, she is sensible enough to know that at that single point in time it is something that I truly believe where others would dismiss it as a cry for attention. She also knows that the moods soon pass.

A fellow Pisces Moon she understands my need for space, as I understand hers. She knows when to back off and when to probe. She understands and doesn’t question or even comment when I allow the same people to kick me again & again, she knows who they are and she doesn’t question why. She just knows and understands. Her Sun squares my Mercury.  She is my Partner in Plan.

I value all of my friends for different reasons, but each of these Gemini girls are slowly and painfully teaching me to talk… not just surface social chit chat, but actual expression. I am still not great at it and keep little pieces completely hidden away- trust me, no one wants to see inside my head!