Aries Through the Houses

Aries through the houses- Part 2


So the other day we looked at Aries on the cusp of houses 1-4.

Before we look at houses 5-8, a reminder… In general, regardless of your sun sign, wherever Aries is in your chart, will be the area of life that you dive into head-first, impulsively, wilfully, competitively, assertively and even aggressively. It’s where want to take the lead, where you want to be noticed, where you might enthusiastically start new projects, but not finish them and where you’re prepared to fight for or defend whatever is represented by this house. It’s also where your perception may be blinded, and where yours is the only opinion that matters…just putting that out there…

Also, don’t forget, planets in these houses and the aspects they make to other planets will add layers of meaning to this.

Aries on the cusp of the 5th house

You might dive headfirst and impulsively into love, romance, and fun. In fact, partying could be a competitive sport for you! Speaking of sport, as Mars rules this part of your life, you express yourself best through physical activity. You might be quick to start hobbies and projects, but not so good at seeing them through to completion.

When Mars is retrograde, take care that impatience and frustration doesn’t lead to avoidable accidents or sporting injuries.

Aries on the cusp of the 6th house

You throw yourself into your work- probably to the concern of colleagues- who need, somehow, to keep up. You like to take the lead, so your colleagues could find you demanding. When it comes to healthy habits, you might start something, but fail to stay the course if the results aren’t immediately apparent.

When Mars is retrograde, you need to take care of yourself a little more closely, and take care not to wear yourself out.

Aries on the cusp of the 7th house

When it comes to relationship, shrinking violets need not apply. Although, as a Libra Ascendant, you like balance and peace, you also need someone who will challenge you a little (or a lot), someone you can discover new frontiers with, and someone who’ll hold your interest past bin night. No matter if it appears that you’re the one compromising, behind the scenes, in your own way, you’re probably taking the lead in the relationship.

When Mars is retrograde, choose your battles and your words, carefully.

Aries on the cusp of the 8th house

You probably take the lead when it comes to decisions regarding joint financial matters, investments, taxes, inheritances etc. It’s an area of life where conflicts could regularly occur and where you are prepared to defend your position- even if it was made impulsively.

When Mars is retrograde, take care to read the fine print before proceeding.

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