Aries Through the Houses

Aries through the houses- Part 1


A DIY post…
Yesterday I posted a guide to where the Aries Sun is energising your life. But what does it mean to have Aries on the cusp of a house?

Knowing what sign is on the cusp of a house is a really quick way of learning your way around your chart.
The layers, colours, texture and shading are added by the planets in those houses, their condition and the aspects they make to each other.

Please keep that thought at the back of your head as you read though this.

In general, regardless of your sun sign, wherever Aries is in your chart, will be the area of life that you dive into head-first, impulsively, wilfully, competitively, assertively and even aggressively. It’s where want to take the lead, where you want to be noticed, where you might enthusiastically start new projects, but not finish them. It’s also where your perception may be blinded, and where yours is the only opinion that matters…just putting that out there…

Aries on the cusp of the 1st House- on the Ascendant
Read the Aries article. On the Ascendant, Aries is amplified- it’s the first thing that you see- both good and bad…I’ve told you about the great stuff in this post…

You’re likely to dive into things headfirst, and wilfully. You’re impulsive, bored easily and likely to move on quickly to new ideas and projects- often before the last one is finished. It’s this one thing that can hinder you from reaching your full potential- and is something the Aries Ascendant seems more prone to than the Aries Sun.

With you #nofilter means something different to an unaltered instagram shot…know what I mean?

Aries on the cusp of the 2nd house
You’ll go after what you want- but might not stay the course if something more interesting comes along. Then you’ll go after that with as much energy as last time. You could be quite competitive about what you earn and what you have, but won’t have too many deep attachments to it. You’re probably an impulse buyer, and, depending on where Mars falls in your chart, not as practical with money as you could be.

Mars is your personal money planet. Keep an eye on your budget and possessions when Mars is retrograde.

Aries on the cusp of the 3rd house
You’re competitive nature could be around what you know and how you express it. If you had siblings, you probably were the one competing for attention. You tend to think quickly and are energised when fast decisions are required. Completion of courses might be an issue for you. You want to be heard, you want your opinion to be heard. As I said before- #nofilter.

Mars is your personal communication planet. Watch your message when Mars is retrograde.

Aries on the cusp of the 4th house
You probably like to take the lead at home- or at the very least a very active interest in who is doing what, how, with whom, and when. You might not be as active in completing any household projects- but will be keen to start them. You could also be the one who manages to initiate most of the arguments- especially if you feel that you (and your opinion) is being overlooked…not that you’re likely to admit this.

When Mars is retrograde, you could find frustration levels around the home increasing. If this is the case, use your energy more positively.

Next time… Houses 4-8

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