Aries Moon

Aries Full Moon

Zodiac Aries golden sign

There I was, sitting on the floor of my study, with piles of paper surrounding me. Mostly it was paid bills, receipts, bank statements – the sort of paper that I tend to only file when things are really out of control in my office. So out of control that I can’t think straight. Adventure Spaniel was lying beside me, snoring quietly – at least until Miss 18 appeared in the doorway with the dog’s favourite squeaky toy. My piles were no longer piles, and when I swore, Miss 18 laughed and asked, ‘did you have your important pile next to your throw out pile again?’ I did.

I was reminded of it again during the week when hubby was complaining that he couldn’t keep up with my conversation. It was more randomly scattered and jumping from subject to subject that it usually was. ‘And you’re not finishing your sentences,’ he said.

Miss 18 piped up and explained: ‘The problem is, Mum keeps the important stuff in her brain next to the recycling tin- and sometimes it all gets mixed up.’

It does – and at the moment, it is. With Mercury in Pisces, the compartments in my head are quite fluid at the best of times, but now they’ve completely dissolved.

I’m living in my head and feel as though there is nothing connecting me with the ground. There are so many balls in the air, and I’m so busy watching them and waiting for them to fall that I’m not finishing anything concrete, or ticking any boxes. I have Milford Track in 4 weeks and, while I’ll make it, I’m under-prepared. I’m under-prepared and over-thinking a lot of things at present – and am taking the resultant frustration out on those around me.

I’m 50 next birthday and had intended to celebrate, but the way things are at present (those balls in the air) I can’t make plans. In fact, I’ve let myself be dictated to by the weight of these decisions that have to be made and the data that has to be analysed from all ends in order to come up with the perfect choice. It’s now time to bit the bullet and just flipping do it. I might not be able to make all the moves I need to, but I can take some actions and tick some boxes- albeit small ones. I’ve written about it here.

This Full Moon (at 23 Aries 14’) falls conjunct Uranus, so some shaking up will be inevitable- particularly if you need a tad of a nudge from the Universe to point you in the right direction.

Anyways, I’m away for the weekend with my husband – it’s partly to celebrate his birthday (next week) – and only just realised I’d forgotten to pop something up for the Full Moon, so won’t go into the usual DIY thing- but if you need a reminder, check out this post. The key message for this one though, is to honestly look at the balance beam that is your life and decide if there’s something you just need to get on with and take action in- rather than think about. Maybe you’ve thought so much about it that the idea of action is unthinkable? I’ll leave that one with you.

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