Aries Moon

Aries Full Moon: True Blood, Werewolves and a few more cliches

No idea re the photo credit...just stumbled across this on google images- all rights to the photographer.
No idea re the photo credit...just stumbled across this on google images- all rights to the photographer.

I have a guilty secret…sort of like my inexplicable penchant for plastic sliced cheese, I am addicted in a weird sort of way to True Blood. For the record, I am Team Eric all the way, but since the entrance of Alcide last season, there is definitely one more very attractive reason to watch the show. And best of all, being a werewolf, there is plenty of reason for Alcide to shed his shirt.

But what does this have to do with astrology? Tomorrow mornings’ Full Moon, of course! Being in Aries and ruled by Mars, this is definitely a were-Moon…and therefore an excuse for me to pop a random and completely unnecessary photo of an attractive shirtless man on the blog.

The Aries Full Moon is shining the spotlight squarely on the me/we question. Which leads me to another tenuous connection to the wolf pack in True Blood– a reminder that as strong and independent as we are individually, we are even stronger when acting together with others. The whole no I in team scenario.

Saturn is sitting conjunct the Sun in opposition to this Full Moon raising the whole commitment and structure thing again. Strength in the bonds of relationship. Security and balance in working in harmony. Give Peace a chance…

This Full Moon (mid morning tomorrow Sydney time) falls at 18-19 Aries/Libra. Saturn is at 20 Libra. My natal Venus is at 19 Aries. Hmmm.

Full Moon contacts usually indicate a trigger point from an external source- something happening to you rather than within you. The nature of that event will depend on the area of life being exposed, the planet being aspected and the house/s ruled by that planet.

In my case, there is pretty close to a direct hit on Venus. Relationships, love, money. Venus is in my 2nd house and rules the 8th and the 3rd. With the Full Moon something that has been building and stewing away in the background for a while is about to change, culminate. Exciting huh? This echoes a couple of previous hits on my DC itself (relationships) and Pluto (in the 7th and exactly inconjunct Venus). To reinforce the message is the transiting Saturn opposite Venus today and transiting Venus is conjunct Mars (in my 8th) exact today. I am thinking this is more than a coincidence.

Wherever this Full Moon is in your chart is where these issues (the ones around relationship, that is) will be playing out for you- more so if you have planets at or around 17-20 Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer. When we think about relationship, don’t just think significant other relationship issues. Think also about “relating” as a concept and a practice. Depending on where this Full Moon hits in your chart, the relating part may be to your work, to your values, to your friends. Aries is a relatively selfish “me first” planet, so how does this work for you when it comes to considering others? Has there been something heating up in your life? Think back to the New Moon in Aries- what was happening then, what were your New Moon wishes? Are they about to come to fruition? Will the Magic 8 ball finally be right? Do you have the intestinal fortitude to take the initiative and make it come true?

The thing about the Aries Full Moon is its’ rulership by Mars, the warrior planet. Mars says a lot about how we deal with courage, and fear. And nothing brings out these issues more than the question of relationship. Do you have the courage to turn I into we? To make a move and take things to the next level, or to walk away entirely and be prepared to not look back.

Aries likes to take the chance- the risk of regretting what might have been is often greater than consideration of the wider impact…I guess that is what Saturn is there for- reminding us that we get back what we put in. Mars is currently in Leo and aspecting the nodes. A show of courage now is something that will have karmic consequences & regardless of the outcome is a had to happen thing…and this sort of stuff just can’t be regretted.