Are Your Planets Making You Fat?

Low carb, low fat, counting points, counting calories, detox diets. Cycle classes, Step classes, weights, pilates, yoga, Boot Camp, Thigh blaster, abdomino-blaster. So many diets, so many exercises… yet we are still getting fatter. Logically we know that in order to lose weight, we should eat and exercise smarter. But, in the immortal words of Edina Monsoon from Absolutely Fabulous: “Surely if it was that easy, sweetie, everyone would be doing it!”

But, weight loss is, except for in specific health related circumstances, about calories in versus calories out. So, if it really is that easy, what is it that helps one person stick to a regimented eating plan and exercise regime and achieve results?

The answer could literally be in the stars. Your Sun sign influences your health and fitness habits- even the types of foods that are great for you. If you know your Rising sign, read that description as well, as you are often influenced by both your Sun & Rising Sign. If you have lots of planets in another sign, these will influence as well… but you probably need an Astrologer to tell you that.

Biggest Loser Rating ****
You like to lead and you like to win. Public weigh-ins are good, so others can see just how much better you have done. You are first out of the blocks, but not the worlds’ greatest finisher… Aries is the original crash & burn dieter.
Exercise wise? Keep it goal orientated and competitive- 2nd place is not an option. Boxing, Combat, Attack classes are great. Aries is the warrior, so consider Boot Camp as well.

Biggest Loser Rating *
Unfortunately Taurus is about storage. You loooooooove food & wine & really don’t enjoy exercise. So, the key is to do something that doesn’t feel like exercise- walking, dancing are great. Try not to be seduced by meal replacement, shakes and other quick fix diets- slow, steady and sustained loss is best for you –it takes you a little while to make the change, but once in a structured routine you have the potential to finish the job.

Biggest Loser Rating ***
As you speak with your hands and fidget constantly, that is almost a workout in itself. You flit from social thing to social thing. Don’t even think about one-on-one training- unless you want your trainer to go deaf. Aerobics & group classes are great for you- socialising and exercising- the ultimate in multi tasking.
The grapefruit diet? Meal replacements? With your boredom threshold… forget it! The perfect diet would allow you to eat out, have lots of little meals and lots of substitutions.

Biggest Loser Rating **
Step away from the chocolate. Unfortunately, you are the sign most prone to emotional eating. Running around after kids is a natural exercise and as a water sign, you have an affinity with water sports of all types. Cancer rules the belly and the boobs, so why not give Bellydancing a try?
Instead of baking muffins, go for a walk. That time of the month? Rather than going straight for the chocolate and hot water bottle, try some pilates. Follow with a warm smelly bath & you haven’t been anywhere near the biscuit barrel.

Biggest Loser Rating ***
Lions don’t particularly like hard work. But, like all fire signs, you need activity and are more conscious of looking good than most other signs. This is usually motivation enough to get into lycra.
Personal trainers are good for the Lion- especially cute ones. Make sure the gym is well lit, has plenty of mirrors and cheerful, social surroundings. As a fixed sign, you can keep up the burn. So, deck yourself out in some designer gym gear & get going- your hair looks great.

Biggest Loser Rating ****
Virgos like lists and counting things. You can follow a diet to the letter and even report progress graphically. You do well on food combining and restrictive diets that other signs would not last a day on (looking at you, Pisces).
Virgo knows that sacrifices need to be made for health- and exercising is one of them. A house with lots of windows, mirrors & white tiles can be the best workout of all and no one else is going to keep this place clean or get that weeding done.

Biggest Loser Rating **
Face it, you don’t really want to go to Spin class… you would much prefer to recline ever so gracefully on a daybed, drinking champagne & being fed chocolates by some gorgeously well cut young footballer with a tribal tattoo around his guns (actually, the last bit is my fantasy).
You don’t like to sweat, you don’t like conflict and competition is really not your thing either. But you are social and very charming & love to look good. So, think about those activities where you can see friends, show good form and have a chat and a coffee afterwards!

Biggest Loser Rating ***
Like Aries, the other Mars ruled sign, Scorpio likes to win. Unlike Aries, you don’t need a quick victory – but you will always remember a loss, and exactly who is to blame for it.
Sex is, of course, the ultimate contact sport, but you are also great at endurance activities and anything you have a chance to win at.
As a fixed sign, so you will stick to a routine- but only if it your idea. Scorpio does not respond to nagging, suggestion or influence. Elimination diets and managed fasting are good for Scorpio and show just how controlled you really can be.

Biggest Loser Rating ***
Sagittarius plays hard and parties equally as hard. Skiing has to be the number 1 Sagittarius sport (next to motor racing, flying, stunt doubling, horse riding & jumping off things- you are, after all, indestructible). Rock climbing is good, cycling is brilliant and running is terrific too. Think legs & thighs. If you find yourself confined to a gym, get yourself to an Attack class… and fast!
Don’t try to eliminate an essential food group (like alcohol) from your diet and never ever try fasting- it just leads to bingeing.

Biggest Loser Rating ****
Capricorn plans towards a practical goal and will execute it prudently with a minimum of fuss or fanfare. You can follow a structured diet plan, often forgoing many temptations that lesser signs would cave at (looking at you Pisces & Sagittarius!).
Capricorn understands the concept of results coming from hard work. Anything easily won is not valued. Capricorn likes structure, discipline and routine to be applied to their training. You are an ideal candidate for personal training. Be careful if engaging in high impact activities as you may be prone to knee issues. Walking, swimming and cycling are great as the joints are supported.

Biggest Loser Rating ***
Aquarius rarely takes advice so does not do well on prescribed diets. You will walk for charity, climb trees to protest against woodchoppers, and fight for causes- all the while proclaiming that what you are doing can’t be classed as exercise.
Aquarius is naturally quite strong and vital. Often incidental exercise is sufficient to keep you looking great. As an air sign, you are not usually prone to emotional eating and can’t really understand anyone who is.
Forget the institutional nature of a gym-unless you can do things your own way, you just aren’t interested. Aquarius is prone to lower leg, calf & ankle problems, so be careful of high impact activities.

Biggest Loser Rating * (& that is on a good day!)
Pisces is the junk collector of the zodiac- in more ways than one. Pisces has difficulty with boundaries & can’t say “no”. As with all the water signs, emotional eating (and drinking) is an issue and Pisces frequently escapes reality through bingeing. Don’t open a bottle of wine thinking you will have 1 glass. Cook only what needs to be consumed at that meal and make a deal with yourself to only have wine with meals or after 6pm or on days ending in a “y”.
The world is universal, so forget team competition. Distance swimming, running and yoga allows you to escape and gives plenty of time to dream. Look after those feet and invest in good running shoes.