Are Your Planets Keeping You Fat- Virgo

Marlborough Vineyards, New Zealand. Pic by me.
Marlborough Vineyards, New Zealand. Pic by me.

I admire Virgos attention to detail. I wish I had it.

I will set up a spread-sheet or a tracker to meticulously plan how I will lose the weight I need to lose and by when. I will track calories and kilograms and exercise. I will follow this and fill in the details for ages, at least a day or so, sometimes up to 5 days…and then I will lose focus or forget what it is I am trying to do.

My Virgo opposite helps me with the detail my Pisces planets simply don’t have. Virgo is about discrimination, Pisces is diffusion. Virgo has amazing attention to detail, Pisces can forget what day it is, let alone whether this week we have declared we will be alcohol free or wheat free or just eat food with the dirt still on it darling.

Virgo has a natural affinity for health, hygiene and nutrition, so should also be less likely to put on weight and more able to control it when they do. True? To a degree.

Virgo’s desire for absolute perfection is her greatest downfall. She expects so much of herself (and this is particularly true of the Virgo Ascendant), that she is never quite happy with herself. She does so much for so many people that often she feels completely invisible.

In some cases, the fear of being noticed is huge, because if you are noticed, you may then be found to be less than perfect. What better way to never be seen clearly than to make yourself invisible through extra weight.

She may also put all of her energy into what she does through others, leaving no energy to look after herself . Her lack of dedicated routine may have grabbing the wrong foods for her body at the wrong time. She may reduce calories so far that she binges, then she hates herself and the cycle repeats.

It is also this tendency to seek perfection that can cause Virgo to fall off the wagon and give up. Where Pisces gives up because they simply forget, Virgo may give up because one bad day will get all of those little voices in your head talking again:

‘you’re not good enough’

‘why should this work this time? It never has in the past.’

‘just give up now, you know you will.’

‘a whole packet of tim tams- you have no control over yourself.’

Sound familiar?

Virgo is usually quite sensible so usually resists the other common diet pitfall- the Celebrity or fad diet. These are a particular problem for Virgo as a failure to exactly stick to the plan or to lose weight as quickly as the advertised results will result in Virgo declaring themselves as substantially less than perfect and a failure. Have you heard this before as well?

If Virgo can get her head around that she doesn’t need to be 150% perfect every single second of the day, her practicality and love of lists and plans can make her one of the most successful dieters in the zodiac.

She has focus, willpower, and once committed to a routine has incredible inner strength. Virgo has good, albeit erratic, energy levels, so an exercise routine will help with all of that mental anxiety, help quiet the voices in your head and give you something else to track.

Virgo also makes the perfect partner to diet with. She loves to help people and is only too happy to offer support, tips and extra motivation. Hmmm, sometimes though this can be construed as, dare I say it, criticism or nagging?  Remember, though, her heart is in the right place and she just wants to feel useful. If you don’t want her asking how your diet is going, the answer is simple…don’t tell her!

And the perfect video for shedding all of those misguided ideas of perfection? Perfect, by Vanessa Amorosi- a Leo Sun with Venus in Virgo. Check it our here.

For more on what foods are great for Virgo, check in tomorrow for part 2.