Gemini Moon

Are you listening?


I mentioned the other day that I have an ear infection.

I’m taking antibiotics prescribed by the World’s Rudest Doctor- who also didn’t listen.

You see, I don’t normally take antibiotics. Touch wood, I haven’t needed to.

The last time was back about 7 years (yes, I’ve noticed the Saturn cycle too) when I slammed my ring finger into a fire door in Hong Kong. How could that cause an infection? After a few beers my friend and I decided it would be a good idea to attempt to relieve the swelling with a needle from the hotel sewing kit. Don’t look at me like that- it was sterilised with vodka from the mini bar and a cigarette lighter. It didn’t end well. Surprise, surprise.

The time before that was 1995 when I brought back a whisky resistant strain of bronchitis back from Scotland. As I said, I don’t take antibiotics.

So when the Rudest Doctor in the World looked in both ears and wrote me a script, I had questions.

‘What’s this for?’

‘The ear infection you have.’

‘So, that’s what’s wrong with my ear?’


‘Do I have an alternative?”

‘What would you want an alternative for?’

‘Because I don’t normally take antibiotics and I struggle with candida.’

‘Who told you that?’

‘The antibiotics or the candida?’

‘The candida.’

‘A naturopath.’

‘If a naturopath told you, you don’t have it.’

‘Really? Even though it responds to diet?”

‘We need to run tests. It can be treated with medication.’

‘So, in other words, even though it responds to diet, I don’t have it unless you tell me I have it and unless you have a tablet I can take for it?’

‘You need to take the antibiotics, then come back and see me.’

‘I’ll take the antibiotics, but I’ll see someone not as rude as you.’

So I am. Taking the antibiotics. When I remember- I’m shocking with things like that. Anyway, the ear is getting better. I’m really only feeling pain and discomfort from it now when I’ve finished the day at work, and am at home. And when I’m in bed.

I’ve been really easily irritated though- by everything. I want to curl into a ball and not talk anymore or listen anymore.

What I think I need is space. It’s what I loved about when we were in Bali- the quiet, the space, the not needing to make a decision, look at numbers, forecast results, answer questions, get my head around stuff. I needed it. The words, my words, came back- freely. I filled pages and pages of my journal with them. I need it still- the space, that is.

Neptune is stationed less than a degree from my Mercury….still…and it feels as though the Universe is telling me that I just don’t need the noise right now.

This year has so far been filled with retrogrades- personal planet retrogrades. There’s been a lot of going inwards, a lot of hurry up and wait, a lot of frustration. Now that Venus and Mars are both direct again, it’s almost as though we should know what we want already, and waiting for it to fall into our laps- but it doesn’t work that way. All that introspection needs, at some point, to be directed outward. It’s a little like those motivation posters that say something like “You become the change you want to see…”

This new Moon, the Gemini New Moon, will bring a new approach, new information, and possible a new perspective to an existing situation that has been, well, stuck.

The thing is, this New Moon is almost exactly square Neptune, so you could find that the questions you want to ask, the words you want to use, disappear. Into thin air…so to speak.

It’s the things that you think you know that can cause you trouble with this one. The daydreams that you pretend that are real, the logic you try too hard to put around illogical situations.

This New Moon isn’t about making life-changing decisions- something I certainly wouldn’t recommend especially if you have personal planets in difficult aspect to this New Moon, but it is about trusting your feelings and your instincts and running with them. The trick is not to lose sight of reality in the meantime.

Wherever Gemini falls in your chart, is where something in your life needs some renovation, perhaps the proverbial coat of paint and a few new cushions. Metaphorically speaking.

It will also be where you need to deal with blockages of the Gemini kind.

In my newsletter yesterday, I asked subscribers to think about what insecurities Gemini brings up for them- specifically:

  • What is it that raises fears or blockages around your ability to communicate?
How can you nurture your ideas and dreams?
  • What is it that’s blocking your ability to express yourself right now?
What are you prepared to do about it?
  • What ideas, perceptions or viewpoints are you resisting that need to be explored?
  • Are there new skills or concepts that you can study? What is stopping you? What excuses are you making regarding that course you know you should enroll in? Is there
  • Is there a part of you that believes that you’re not smart enough? What fears are driving this? What small steps can you take now to begin to overcome this?

I even highlighted some words in colour for emphasis.

Personally, although this could be my compromised Mercury talking, I think the answers to these questions won’t be gained from noise- especially not from the white noise that invades our heads. It comes from stillness and listening, really listening to the absence of noise. What your heart is telling you.

With my ear as it is, I have no choice but to do that right now. It’s a good thing.

Give it a try, and make your wishes and intentions. Write them down. What are you waiting for?

New Moon at 7 Gemini 21′ to be precise-ish.
New Zealand 6.40am May 29
Sydney 4.40am May 29
West Aus, SE Asia 2.20am May 29
London 7.40pm May 28
New York 2.40pm May 28
LA 11.40am May 28

or thereabouts…

The title? Deep from my 80’s music files…Aussie band, Pseudo Echo…