Gemini mercury

Are these words working, do they work for you?


‘Because Y is a crooked letter and Z is no better.’ My Poppa used to say this to me when I was very young in answer to any of my ‘but why’ questions. I always accepted the response without further question.

But then again, I always thought my Poppa was such a clever man. He used to tell us kids that he learned to read off a jam jar, and that the trout that we had for our Sunday lunch on those visits to Grandma and Poppa’s were caught by him in the Tumbarumba River after hitting them over the head with a bit of 4B2* when they came up for air. (All my illusions were shattered the day I saw one in the deep freeze wrapped in the plastic bag from Snowy River Fisheries).

I never really questioned the answers, because it simply didn’t occur to me to do so. I still rarely question what I have been told and usually believe, often to my detriment, what is told to me- without question. To be honest, often I’m not that interested. I’ve absorbed whatever it is I really need to know and popped it away…

With the worst Mercury in history (we’ve talked about this before), I learn by osmosis- it seeps through my pores and becomes part of me- something I don’t need to question again.

Right now my job involves numbers- lots of them. I’m not good with numbers- or details- and I wasn’t employed to analyse them- I was employed to write procedures and process flows. Not that it matters, I’m adaptable, and will do whatever it takes. The thing is, I have a feeling about these numbers, but the idea of asking the questions to have that feeling proven really does my head in. In fact, at this point it feels as though there is too much in my brain and it’s all fighting to push out at the same time.

At some point, something will somehow join to something else in there and it will all click. It won’t be through questioning, or talking, or digging out even more spreadsheets- it will be when I’m alone and quiet…the way it usually happens.

Where, in my case, connections are made in my head in a way that I don’t even want to try and understand, Mercury in Gemini asks the questions…as many questions as he needs to ask , from as many people as he needs to ask, in order to understand what is being said. Mercury in Gemini doesn’t do misunderstandings. Mercury in Gemini uses his words and doesn’t accept what he is told on face value.

Mercury in Gemini isn’t just about being smart (although people with this placement are often very clever), it is about making connections. Words are used to make connections, concepts are discussed, social networks are expanded.

Mercury in Gemini has an insatiable curiosity and is really truly interested in…well, in everything. And once he knows something, he generally has to talk about it. In this most flexible of Air signs, detachment allows the abstraction of emotions into messages that can be used and manipulated. Wow, lots of words and syllables there!

Not that Mercury in Gemini is necessarily into lots of syllables, but he is into lots of words and expresses feelings and thoughts with words- either verbally or in writing. No long meaningful sighs, no sarcastic “whatever”s, no second guessing.

When you have a partner with Mercury in Gemini, you will never die wondering.  If you don’t have Mercury in Gemini there will be times when you scream “enough already!”

If I had Mercury in Gemini, I would have asked more questions of Poppa. I would have asked things like:

‘But how can you learn to read off a jam jar?’

‘Doesn’t a jam jar only have ingredients on it? What about all the other words?’

‘What is a 4 B 2?’

‘What sort of fish come up for air?’

‘What other fish are in the Tumba River…do they come up for air too?’

‘Do they come up for air at the same time every day?’

To which I am sure he would reply : ‘Because Y is a crooked letter and Z is no better.’

Title lyrics from Words by Kate Miller Heidke

*4B2 is an Australian colloquialism for a piece of wood that is 4 by 2 inches.