April Already…?

Lake Crackenback…

Has March finished? And February? Are you sure? Is it safe for me to come out yet?

Let’s just say, between the eclipses, every single previously stable structure in my life has been rattled. Every. Single. One. I’m talking health, relationships, work, home, faith, friends, money. It all sounds so dramatic and mysterious- it’s not, not really. It’s just that some of what’s happened, although directly impacting my life and plans for the future, isn’t my secret or my story to tell- so will remain untold. Am I ok? Thanks to everyone who has asked- but I will be. Besides, this sort of stuff is all relative, right?

In hindsight, it’s been all quite textbook in nature- the way the transits have built, been triggered, and continue to unfold. In a way, it’s actually renewed my faith in the way this astro stuff works- and it’s put a lot of other things- especially relating to health, money, work and friendship- into perspective. It’s taken a few weeks, but I’m now seeing the opportunities that are being opened up by the endings- and I guess that’s the way it should be.

Without going into the detail of the events, I’ll try and break down the transits in a separate post- we might as well use them to learn from, right?

What else has been happening?

I’ve been juggling my corporate gig with finishing the draft of Finding John Smith and working on my allocated copy for next years’ astrodiaries. The book was sent off on Tuesday for structural editing, and the last of my work on the astrodiaries was delivered last night. These will be available later in the year. I’ll post the details closer to the time.

What’s next?

I’m taking this weekend off manuscript work to catch up on some blogging, and next weekend off completely from all writing to duck across the ditch and see a friend in NZ. Then I’ll start again. I have another freelance astro job lined up, the first series of Tuesday Toolbox to turn into an ebook, and, by then, Finding John Smith will be back for edits.

What else?

Miss T turned 18 last weekend, so we took advantage of the extra long Easter break and ducked down to Lake Crackenback. Located midway between Jindabyne and Thredbo in the NSW Snowy Mountains, it was the perfect country escape to recharge flat emotional batteries. I wrote about it here, but will be popping more up over the weekend as well.

I was able to leave the stresses of the corporate job behind and take my writing deadlines with me. And what a spot to be deadline chasing from!


Looking ahead to April, two events are standing out to me: the stationing of Pluto and Mars to go retrograde.

The reason that transits by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are such a big deal is because they move so slowly. They can sit on a single point for a while, and cover just a few degrees of the zodiac in the space of a year. Their energy is concentrated on that part of your chart for that period of time.

When they slow to get ready to station- either to go retrograde or direct- that already concentrated energy is intensified. The power is intensified. If it happens to be aspecting a planet or chart point for you at the time- and I’m talking no more than a degree- you will feel it.

Take Pluto for instance (please, take him…). He’s been at 17 degrees Capricorn since March 6- and will be until June 3.

At the other end of this retrograde cycle, he’ll spend some time at 15 Capricorn- from 17 July until 9 September.

Anyways, my point is, these degrees are points of intense focus.

The thing with Pluto transits is they are (and I’m loath to use these words) both evolutionary and transformational. If there’s a trigger point (usually from a faster moving planet, a lunation or an eclipse) there could be an action or series of actions, but more often the extent of the development, change, whatever isn’t fully known until you look back and say something like ‘Man! Really? All of that?’

The other thing about Pluto is he needs you to go into your own shadow and confront it before moving forward. That’s where the reflection part of the retrograde comes into play. It’s like the Judgement card in the tarot deck- things need to end before they can begin…or something like that.

Also in April, Mars stations to turn retrograde.

Unlike Pluto, Neptune and Uranus who are retrograde for around half of each year, Mars is only retrograde once every couple of years- for about 2 ½ months at a time. The last time was March-May 2014.

Mars is all about direct action. He’s energy, assertion, vitality and going after what you want. When he slows down, he’s at his most destructive- like the toddler or the dog who all of a sudden goes quiet and you just know is up to no good. Yep, we’ve all seen those memes.

naughty dog

Anyways, Mars stations retrograde on 17 April, and Pluto does the same less than a day later. Depending on where you are in the world, it could both be happening on the 17th. I’ve given up thinking that when it comes to the Universe there’s any such thing as coincidence.

What else is happening in April? Naturally there’ll be scheduled posts for each of these events, but for now*:

Planet Movements

6/4/16 Venus into Aries

6/4/16 Mercury into Taurus

20/4/16 Sun into Taurus

30/4/16 Venus into Taurus


7/4/16 New Moon at 18 Aries 4’

22/4/16 Full Moon at 2 Scorpio 30’


17/4/16- 28/6/16 Mars Retrograde 8 Sagittarius 54’- 23 Scorpio 5’

18/4/16- 25/9/16 Pluto Retrograde 17 Capricorn 29’- 14 Capricorn 55’

29/4/16- 21/5/16 Mercury Retrograde 23 Taurus 34’- 14 Taurus 25’

Saturn is retrograde until 12/8/16

Jupiter is retrograde until 8/5/16

*Note, dates and times are based in Sydney, Australia. I use the Aussie date format.