Another Horary- St Kilda Can Bust

AFL2compWarning- this is one for the astro-peeps- technical warning ahead.


In being unable to do anything constructive except groan, faint and look pale & interesting over the last 24 hours, I had to get my daughter to update a friends’ Facebook page with my prediction for todays AFL Grand Final replay. My message was supposed to read:

“Mum is sick but says Collingwood will win because St Kilda’s significator is combust”…Instead what was posted was:

“Mum is sick and says Collingwood will win because St Kilda can bust.” Hmmmm

The chart (posted above) was cast for the time of the first bounce to start play & on 1st glance I was thinking St Kilda by a mile. What changed my mind were the following observations:

  • Both significators were substantially weakened by being in the 8th house- makes sense, they had been through a mega game for nothing last week.
  • Whilst St Kilda (Lord 1) was represented by Saturn exalted in Libra, Collingwood (Lord 7) was weakened by being in the sign of its fall in Libra. But, and this is a pretty big but…Saturn being just a degree away from the Sun is what the traditionals refer to as “combust”- essentially, this is one of the absolute weakest positions a planet can find itself in.
  • Neither significator was receiving any mitigating aspects from any other of the traditional planets (horary uses just the planets out to Saturn) & whilst Saturn formed a square to each of the nodes, this can be ignored as the nodes don’t cast light so can’t make an aspect.

Having said all of this, I will admit to only going back to the chart for a closer look when I saw Neptune on the ascendant- even though we don’t use modern planets in a horary, it screamed confusion and “all is not as it seems” to me.

As in all things traditional & horary, I give great thanks to the Master- John Frawley. His book Sports Astrology has been invaluable for footy tipping advice…although, of course, I apply the knowledge to matters of so much more greater import 🙂

I didn’t want to be right, St Kilda is my team…but today they very definitely did “bust”.