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The other day we talked about emotional weather forecasting using the transits of the Moon.

You can, however, plan a little further ahead by looking at the transits of the Sun.

As the Sun moves through the zodiac, it also moves through the houses, highlighting different parts of your life as it goes.

Think back a few years.

Are there months every year that seem busier than others? Months where things seem to happen? Where no matter what you do nothing seems to happen?

I struggle each year with February- to the extent that I talk about leaving Sydney. It isn’t just about the disgusting heat and humidity, it’s something else.

I also struggle with August and September and find June and (to a lesser extent) November challenging.

My difficult times correspond with times when:

  • The Sun is moving through my 6th and 12th house. The 6th is a time of service, boredom & frustration- and I am way too self centred to deal easily with those concerns. With the 12th, it always feels like something needs to finish off- and I’m a much better starter than I am a finisher.
  • The Sun is moving through Gemini and Virgo and square or opposition to my natal Sun. I seem to have fewer problems with Sagittarius- I think because Jupiter is exalted in my chart.

This is why sometimes I’ll be rejoicing with the Sun moving through a particular sign while you’re saying “seriously?”. We get a lot of those sorts of comments on the Facebook page.Anyways, the point is, the most basic forecasting you can do for yourself is to look at where the Sun is in your chart.

The Sun, as we know, is about warmth, vitality, creativity, ego and light. As these qualities are brought to each house as the Sun moves though that area, it is effectively recharging that part of the chart.

This is why, when the Sun is in your first house, you will be re-charged. You may also feel more self centred and less concerned with the needs of others.

When the Sun is in the 7th house, relationships will comes under the spotlight- and how you relate to others. Any difficulties can be exposed, and tired relationships can be recharged.

Get the idea? Check out this post for a recap.

As the Sun tracks around, it will make aspects to other planets in the chart.

Pay special attention to times when the Sun is making “easy” aspects to (in particular) the personal planets in your chart. These will be times when you will feel on top of your game.

Now look at those times when the Sun is making “difficult” aspects to (in particular) the personal planets in your chart. These will be times when you will feel challenged.

Consider also those times the Sun moves through signs that you have an affinity with.

What do I mean by this?

In my chart, I have both the Sun and the Moon in the 1st house. The 1st house is associated with Aries, and in many ways, this adds an Arian flavour to my Sun. When the transiting Sun moves through Aries, I feel as energised as when it is moving through my own sign, Pisces.

Another example, if you have the Sun in Virgo, you will have less difficulty with 6th house transits than someone with, say, the Sun in Aries does.

Look at those parts of your chart where you have a number of planets gathered. Concentrate mostly on personal planets. When the Sun moves through these signs, unless it’s making a square or opposition to your Sun, you will probably be feeling ok.

How do you do this?

  1. Firstly, grab yourself an ephemeris- there is one available on This will tell you the dates that the Sun (and other planets) changes signs in any year.
  2. Now, grab your chart. If you know your birth time, enter those details into Instructions are here.
  3. Print the chart and mark the passage of the Sun on the chart.
  4. Pay special attention to the “easy” aspects made by the Sun, and the more “difficult” aspects. Remember transits by the Sun to other planets are usually short term in nature.
  5. Pay special attention to any time that the Sun could “trigger” a long term aspect- ie one where an outer planet is applying to aspect a personal planet.
  6. This will give you your yearly house plan. Overlaying the monthly movements of the Moon will fine tune your “forecasts” and help you plan your time more effectively.

What about if you don’t know your birth time?

You can use the “solar” chart system.

This is how the newspaper and magazine forecasts are done.

Sure it doesn’t give you the accuracy you’d have if you knew your birth time, and sometimes the Moon can change signs during the day. But, without any birth data, this is better than nothing. Besides, some astrologers have great success with this technique.

  1. You can cast this chart on
  2. Enter your birth data, with the birth time at sunrise.  In the summer time this could be 5 or 6am, in the winter, it might be later. This should bring the sign that your Sun is in to the Ascendant.
  3. Using the extended chart options, change the house system to “equal house”
  4. Now, follow the steps above.

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    1. You can.Or you can use a different colour marker. The thing is, the Moon will track around the whole chart in a month. So Level 1 will be your solar movements & level 2 your lunar transits. It’s a broad theme-like method of forecasting that can help you have more good days than bad- which is always a good idea!

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