And Now Its Pandemonium…Again (An Apology)

It appears as though we haven’t heard the last from Aries.

My favourite Aries male -with the exception of my brother who doesn’t count- because he’s my favourite brother and you can only be favourite in one category- has taken exception to my mood in my last newsletter.

I am not sure whether he was truly upset with my absolutely warranted grumpiness, or just that the chocolate body butter I mentioned in my Venus in Taurus post had not been attributed to something to do with Aries.

Either way, apparently my comment that I was “officially over Aries” upset his sensitivities. Given that he has a Scorpio Moon, I can not risk the potential backlash or revenge fantasies if I upset him properly and don’t retract the “over Aries” comment.

So, to the “great group of people” that are Aries peeps- how could I ever possible be truly over writing about “the most trusting (seriously???), fun loving star sign of all?” (his words…)

And to my favourite Aries male- I promise to mention something to do with Aries (and possibly you…) before the Sun is in Taurus.  After all, the Sun is exalted in Aries, so at least for the next couple of weeks, it is all about you.

Happy Birthday (again) Aries.

The Stars and the Sun dance to your drum,

And now it’s Pandemonium