Always on my mind…


Today and tomorrow have a distinctly Plutonian feel.

We’re just past the Moon’s monthly opposition to Pluto- I didn’t write much about that because by now we know all the tricks- you know, the bits about rage, volcanoes, resentment and my favourite Moon-Pluto word “seething”.

This month, we get some added spice courtesy of sweet little Venus, who is just a tad less sweet and a tad more passive aggressive in Cancer- especially when in opposition to Pluto.

This is a relatively short transit- Venus opposite Pluto, that is….Pluto opposite Venus is an entirely different and longer lasting story.

Anyways, when Venus opposes Pluto, intensity is added to all things relationship. This can be exciting, it can also be dangerous- depending on how you deal with Pluto and how you handle this energy.  When Venus is opposite Pluto, you don’t want, you crave…and sometimes what you crave can lead you down the path towards forbidden fruit- if you get my meaning.

It’s the same with relationships started under this transit- they may have an element of compulsion to them…you know, that whole something is dragging you together, like a magnet. You can’t look away, you can’t stay away, there’s something that is fascinating in its power.

As for existing relationships, be aware of what is bubbling under the surface, the seismic activity that can promote volcanic eruptions is pressure isn’t released. Subconscious resentments, power plays, and less than honest manipulative actions, can result in nasty conflict- if you’re not careful.

If you’re willing to dig deep below the surface and face the true root cause of any relationship issues, some real constructive change can be achieved…so it isn’t all bad!

In the best Pluto tradition, this one will start to be felt well before it is exact- in a brooding, intense sort of way.

If you have Venus natally aspecting Pluto (especially by conjunction, square, opposition or inconjunct), Venus in Scorpio, or even Pluto in the 7th house, you’ll feel more at home with this energy than others so. If you don’t, well, the next day or so could be interesting…

If you want to know more about this aspect natally or in synastry, check out The Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain…