All Things Libra

It has occurred to me this morning, that I have neglected to post anything at all on Libra planets. So here goes… with apologies to all those beautiful Librans out there… It also gives me an excuse to show off some favourite flower pics- all in the name of grace & beauty.  

The Ballerina, Sydney Botanical Gardens (Pic by me)
The Ballerina, Sydney Botanical Gardens (Pic by me)

(Pic by me)

This placement is Venus at her most beautiful and most charming. This is not, however, a particularly passionate placement for Venus. Libra is an air sign, so the idea and ideal of relationship is perhaps more real to them than the down and dirty sexual nature of a relationship- often leaving disappointment in its wake. Contrary to more watery Venus placements, Venus in Libra is able to rationalise what went wrong and dust herself off rather than indulge in feasts of chocolate and alcohol.

Venus in Libra is in the sign of her rulership. She is strong, refined, and what the traditional astrologers would term “essentially dignified”. Alluring and attractive, she is often a little like the fashion plate in a glossy magazine, just a little aloof and untouchable, but ever so gorgeous.  Potty mouths and lager louts need not apply- this placement likes to be treated like a lady- nice manners, courtesy and appearance is important.

In a mans chart, Venus in Libra indicates a man who likes a woman with sophistication, high standards, and who doesn’t let them slip. He will be happy and able to cope with maintenance routines, but won’t take kindly to his love sucking down a Crownie and belting out “working Class Man” in the local pub.

Mercury in Libra

Wellington Botanical Gardens (Pic by me)
Wellington Botanical Gardens (Pic by me)

My very Scorpio husband (SH) has Mercury and Venus in Libra. The placement of these 2 planets turns ordering at restaurants into prolonged sagas as he balances what he wants to eat against what he thinks I will order. This deliberation is to ensure that both meals balance each other, that we each taste something we want to try and that the wine will match. But it drives me flipping crazy.

We have this thing in our house called Decision Night. It is the one night of the week where he has to make a decision. During the rest of the week, I will hunter gather and make the big decisions like… what we are going to eat that night. Most nights SH will come home, take over the kitchen & execute my vision perfectly. But on Thursdays I refuse to cooperate.

The conversation normally starts something like this:

Four Foot Nothing (FFN): What’s for dinner?

Me: I don’t know. You’ll have to ask your father.

FFN: That’s right, its decision night. (She phones SH)

FFN: Hey Dad, its decision night. What’s for dinner or are we going out?

SH: Does your Mum want to go out?

FFN: She says I have to ask you- its decision night.

SH: But I don’t know what eating regime she is on this week.

FFN: She says she is happy with whatever you decide, Dad.

SH: Can you put her on?

FFN: She says she doesn’t want to talk to you- this has to be your decision.

And so it goes on. Every Thursday night.

We have a giggle about it every week. It isn’t so much that he doesn’t like to make decisions- he makes many every day- it is that he doesn’t want the wrong decision to impact household harmony. Mercury in Libra weighs all possible outcomes before calling it. This is where the reputation for indecision comes in. Likewise, Libra ability to overlook the small stuff is in complete contrast to Virgos criticality.

In its higher form, with cooperation, compromise can be reached and marital balance and harmony preserved… and dinner on the table.