All I Want for Xmas- The Taurus Edition

A nice little Renoir?
A nice little Renoir?

The Moon will be in Taurus by early tomorrow morning.

The monthly more is more abundance rules OK fest that is La Lunas hook up with Jupiter will follow soon after. This is one aspect that brings to mind the old joke about what Taurus Moon would say after a one night stand, if Taurus Moon was inclined to one night stands, that is- and I’m not saying they are or aren’t…#just saying.

Anyways, the joke goes something like: “do you wanna order pizza now? We can eat it in bed….or pass that chocolate massage oil…”

Taurus is a sensual sign and taste is one of those senses that is all too easy to over indulge in. The point is, the Moon and Jupiter together in Taurus usually means step away from the fridge and put the chocolate down. Even the most controlled and boundary oriented of us may find that one is not enough and the siren call of carbohydrates is a tad harder to resist over the next couple of days.

Also today, Venus and Mars link up in easy trine aspect. What you want, what you desire, and how you go about getting it are nicely aligned. With Venus in Mars both in earth signs, that desire is, well, earthy, possibly even carnal, but definitely natural and ultimately practical. The Moon (still in action stations Aries mode) can activate that energy. I’m back in training and this treadmill program certainly caused some pain and suffering this morning, but Earth Mars and Venus knows that hard work is the only way to get what you want…sadly.

In any case- the Taurus “all I want for Xmas” is below. Remember to keep an eye out for your sign, your Moon sign & your Venus sign. For those buying for me, look no further than Pisces & Aries & you will have all bases covered.


A rather nice little Renoir would go down well, as would anything from Tiffanys…but a huge box of chocolates a warm fire and cuddly couch or breezy hammock to curl up on (depending which hemisphere you are in) while I eat them all myself would be nice.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

One in One out. Positive impact on clutter- for every one item brought into the home, another must go out (and not just to the back shed or garage)- make friends with a charity shop or ebay. Just because it is on sale/cheap/available as a bulk buy does not necessarily mean that you need it.