All I Want For Xmas: The Gemini edition…and a little seed…

Gemini- from Symbalon Cards
Gemini- from Symbalon Cards

I’ve been out all day at a pre-Christmas work thing of my husbands’ and am feeling a tad on the seedy side, so will make this one short.

  • Uranus is now direct, and Mercury will be so in a couple of days
  • The Moon is in the last degree of Gemini and about to move into Cancer. Normally this triggers a desire for home territory, but I won’t be home all week.
  • As I type, there is a great big air trine between the Moon (Gemini), Saturn (in Libra) and Neptune (in Aquarius). Social stuff, air stuff, ideas exchange. Whatever.
  • The Moon and Pluto will do their usual monthly face-off thing while I’m asleep (which is a good thing) or while the Northern Hemisphere are settling down to Sunday afternoon/evening things. The usual warnings apply.

And, the Gemini All I Want For Xmas? It’s below.


Hmmm a new social network to join, a new phone, anything versioned up from the last version of the absolutely latest gadget there is. Books & CDs used to be great, but now they are so yesterday, so the electronic versions please.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

Just because it plugs into something, talks to something or comes with accessories doesn’t mean that I need to buy it. In 2011 I am going to try actual talking to real live people- not just virtual ones. You know what? To hell with it, I love social networking, so will think of some other resolution to make.