All I Want For Xmas Pt4

And the last in my totally tongue in cheek & oh so cliched series:


A physical goal would be nice. But whatever you buy, it must have a use…and a good quality, practical use. I have no interest in the latest or greatest gadget if something else will do the job perfectly well. Books are good, but the old fashioned kind on paper please- self improvement, biographies & stories about people over-coming hardship are especially appreciated.  When buying jewellery & accessories, keep them real, tasteful & high quality- no fake Rolexes will be tolerated.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I am going to look seriously at my work/life balance. Even though I am most fulfilled when I do have a role, I know that happiness exists in climbing down off the ladder every so often. This year I am going to walk more and get in touch with the earth and my body. This year I am going to make at least one goal that is not professionally based. This year I am going to be nicer to me and will not beat myself up if I haven’t achieved my goals as quickly as I think I should have.



An upgrade to whatever is the latest server/router/application/gadget I use. World peace. A solution to global warming. A stop to deforestation of everywhere. A complete halt to whaling. Full & real freedom of the press. Failing that, jewellery or accessories made by a local artisan or market stall, music from a currently non commercial band or fashion from that designer that is yet to be discovered. Make it quirky, make it so now it is tomorrow already. Also, make sure that whatever you buy is from a Fair Trade supplier & doesn’t use too many fossil fuels in its’ production. Better yet, make a dontaion on behalf to a village or a charity or sponsor a goat…it’s not like I really need anything…

Suggested NY Resolutions:

Next year I am going to allow myself to think about me. My issues & concerns are as of much value as those impacting other people. Sure I can’t do the Leo Diva, but every so often I will allow myself to attach to something or someone that is mine & for me.



What do I want? Focus would be nice, so would common sense & some sense of boundaries- although these are things they tell me I need, & not necessarily want. Love, romance & unbridled passion, of course, and spare lenses for my rose coloured glasses. A star to wish on, a bottomless glass for my wine of choice, happy endings & a flying carpet to take me where ever I want to go. If you can’t buy these, books (both traditional & electronic) with stories I can escape into (no real life stuff please), jewellery (hand-made arty one off pieces) & shoes- beautiful, toe killing, glorious shoes. Oh, and some pedicure vouchers to repair my feet afterwards!

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I am going to set a goal with a real physical beginning & end- I am not going to change mid-stream or be distracted along the way. This year I am going to finish something that I start. This year I will limit my forgiveness meter to just 3 separate hurts per person before I stop feeling sorry for them. This year I am going to try for moderation…