All I Want For Xmas Pt 2


Some nice new cookbooks would be great but could never compare to my old favourites. Extra frames for family photographs always come in handy- I do have some spare room on my mantelpiece.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I am going to think about me…just a little more than usual. Sometimes I might even put my needs & ambitions marginally ahead of my family…but then again…


Names dahling names! Bling, brands and anything that is absolutely fabulous.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

Repeat after me- I really am as fabulous inside as I look… I believe in myself. Leo- you are generous beyond belief- why not pick a charity & combine your love of parties & glamour with a great cause?


Whatever you buy for Virgo, make sure you keep the receipt… how about a house cleaning service? But then again, they won’t complete the job as well as Virgo does…so just go with keeping the receipts!

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I am going to let go a little. I may even let the ironing build up for a week & will refuse to feel guilty if I don’t stick exactly to my diet, clean my bathroom every single week or complete the work of 4 people that I usually do.

Libra, Scorpio & Sagittarius tomorrow.

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  1. With 4 planets in Virgo and the MC, I should be forever cleaning and ironing and pruning – something. But I swear I have dustbunnies in my house that followed me from my mothers house 30 yrs ago (also a Virgo btw). I’ve never met a tidy Virgo come to think of it. My office/house is filled with papers and books in no order whatsoever. I’d send you a picture, but it’s really embarrassing (there’s the Virgo spirit!). I always feel I should be doing all those Virgo things – it sounds so nice to be organized and in control – -but there are so many more enjoyable things to do than cleaning and ironing. I’ll take that house cleaning service in a second! Happy holidays!

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