All I Want For Xmas is…

Pic by me...somewhere in New Caledonia.
Pic by me...somewhere in New Caledonia.

I don’t want a lot for Christmas- there is just one thing I need. I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. I don’t need to hang my stocking there upon the fireplace. Santa Claus won’t make me happy with a toy on Christmas Day… Make my wish come true, all I want for Christmas is….

All I want for Xmas is… That would be telling!

Seriously though, I don’t want a lot- I have Venus in Aries & buy as I go! I’m not a bling girl & get sick of important jewellery (a good cop out for my husband)…although having said that, there is a gorgeous gold necklace with a bird on a twig in Husk that I spied last time I was in Melbourne. Despite this, I still have managed to compile a pretty comprehensive list. At the very top of it? For my dreams to come true (cue harps, sighing & dolphins leaping).

But it got me thinking what sort of non material things each sign would be looking for…some suggestions for the girl/guy in your life that has everything. I’ll do each sign by the Moon, so check out your Sun sign, Moon sign and Venus sign. I was thinking of titling this the 12 Moons of Xmas, but being an Aussie that sort of had a few other connotations more in line with Xmas parties and photocopiers or open bus windows.

And, seeing as how it is my blog and the Moon is in Pisces…first up are the fishies.


What to buy the fish in your life? Focus would be nice, so would common sense & some boundaries- although these are things they tell us that we need, & not necessarily want. Love, romance & unbridled passion, of course, and spare lenses for our rose coloured glasses. A star to wish on, an island to escape to, a bottomless glass for our wine of choice, happy endings & a flying carpet to take us where ever we want to go. If you can’t buy these, books (both traditional & electronic) with stories we can escape into (no real life stuff please), jewellery (hand-made arty one off pieces) & shoes- beautiful, toe killing, glorious shoes. Oh, and some pedicure vouchers to repair our feet afterwards!

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I am going to set a goal with a real physical beginning & end- I am not going to change mid-stream or be distracted along the way. This year I am going to finish something that I start. This year I will limit my forgiveness meter to just 3 separate hurts per person before I stop feeling sorry for them. This year I am going to try for moderation and this year I am going to follow my heart and my dreams.