All I Want For Xmas… (Aries)

Photo credit via Dreamstime.
Photo credit via Dreamstime.

The Moon is now in Aries, so, without further ado, here is the “gift” recommendations for Aries. Remember, keep your eye out for your Sun sign, Moon sign and Venus sign…


A new bucket to put all the new bucket list items in- the old one is overflowing- and the good health, energy and vitality to continue ticking them off. A shine service for the armour would be nice, as would a damsel in distress to rescue and a fire to fight. Maybe some new silver shoes for the trusty steed. Failing that if you are buying me clothes, make sure that they are action oriented- I need to be able to move and move quickly. And, you can forget the inspirational quotes- I walk the talk. Just Flipping Do It. Oh, and I would like some patience please- now…what do you mean that gift is on a wait list? Seriously?

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I will finish at least one out of every three new projects I start. Really. OK, I’ll make it one out of every five- perhaps a little more realistic.

To the skies…

The Moon is now in Aries, so my advice is don’t waste a minute of it. These are the two best days of the month for getting things done as Aries lends a JFDI attitude to the everday. So for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere still having a Sunday, make the most of it.

Mercury (in retrograde) has met back up with the Sun- time to talk about stuff that may not quite be settled yet. Whatever.

I have to say, as inconvenient as Mercury retrogrades can be, I have been enjoying this one thus far. Sure there was the 6 hour flight delay and lost luggage at the start of it- but out of that I finished a couple of chapters in the novel that time forgot and bought some new stuff I otherwise wouldn’t have. But the best thing so far has been the re-connections that can occur under Mercury retrograde.

There I was feeling all sad and missing people from the present and what do you know, a link up from the past- not just one opportunity to reconnect, but two.

And that’s what I’m using this period for- and a lot of re-viewing and re-writing this manuscript. My aim was to have it in a format fit for pitching around by the time Jupiter goes back direct, and that goal is tracking well.

My acupuncturist (yes, my life is outsourced- what else do you expect from Leo on the 6th) reminded me yesterday to expect rejection and to get back up afterwards and keep chipping away. Good advice, but perhaps I should be asking for some shell toughening for Xmas, or at least the strength to release my 5th house “baby” from its’ cotton wool and send it out wailing into the world.

As the Aries Moon would say: Just Flipping Do It.