All I want for Christmas…


I don’t want a lot for Christmas- there is just one thing I need. I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. I don’t need to hang my stocking there upon the fireplace. Santa Claus won’t make me happy with a toy on Christmas Day… Make my wish come true, all I want for Christmas is….

All I want for Xmas is… That would be telling!

But here are a few suggestions for you…warning: it’s tongue in cheek and clichéd…deliberately so!


A new bucket to put all the new bucket list items in…although the rate at which you tick them off…

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I will finish at least one out of every three new projects I start.


A rather nice little Renoir would go down well, as would anything from Tiffanys…but a huge box of chocolates a warm fire and cuddly couch or breezy hammock to curl up on while I eat them all myself would be nice.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

One in One out. Positive impact on clutter- for every one item brought into the home, another must go out- make friends with a charity shop or ebay.


A new social network to join, a new phone, anything versioned up from the last version of the absolutely latest gadget there is. Books and CDs used to be great, but now they are so yesterday, so the electronic versions please.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

Just because it plugs into something, talks to something or comes with accessories doesn’t mean that I need to buy it. In 2014 I’m going to try actual talking to real live people- not just virtual ones.


Some nice new cookbooks would be great but could never compare to my old favourites. Extra frames for family photographs always come in handy- I have some spare room on my mantelpiece.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I am going to think about me…just a little more than usual. Sometimes I might even put my needs and ambitions marginally ahead of my family…but then again…


Names dahling names! Bling, brands and anything that is absolutely fabulous.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

Repeat after me- I really am as fabulous inside as I look… I believe in myself. Leo- you are generous beyond belief- why not pick a charity & combine your love of parties and glamour with a great cause?


Whatever…just make sure you keep the receipt… how about an extra pair of hands, another few hours in the day, or some appreciation? If you must buy something, make it useful.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I’m going to let myself be imperfect. I may even let the ironing build up for a week and will refuse to feel guilty and fall off the wagon if I don’t stick exactly to my diet, clean my bathroom every single week ,or complete the work of four people that I usually do.


Some balance would be lovely, and a lot more lovely leisure time… perhaps someone gorgeous to feed me grapes (or chocolate) while someone else does my nails as I languish on a fabulous chaise longue in something very fashionable.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I’ll make a decision. This year I won’t leave waiters tapping their pens against their notepads as I go through the menu one more time. What do you think about that?


Total control.

To all those people who think that I want thigh high black leather boots, whips, handcuffs and various other types of power tools or lingerie- enough already. If you really knew me and loved me, you’d know what to buy me without my having to say. This is a test.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I’m going to let some of my grievances go, rather than just go cold. I’m going to smile sweetly when someone upsets me and rather than adding their name to my list, I’ll forget all about it… unless they do it again…


A voucher to jump off or out of something that is working perfectly well . Think adrenaline, surfing safaris, the backpackers guide to partying your way around the Universe or perhaps just a slab of beer. Books are great, but the digital versions please- they fit easily into carry on baggage.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I’m going to slow down and check out the detail. I missed too many planes last year when I got the times wrong. I’m going to try really hard to listen to what other people have to say- after all, they are entitled to an opinion as well as me…I suppose.


A new ladder to climb, a new goal to achieve. Books are good, but the old fashioned kind on paper please- self- improvement, biographies & stories about people overcoming hardship are especially appreciated.  When buying jewellery & accessories, keep them real, tasteful & high quality- no fake Rolexes will be tolerated.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I am going to look seriously at my work/life balance. This year I’m going to walk more and get in touch with the earth and my body. This year I’m going to make at least one goal that isn’t professionally based. This year I’m going to be nicer to me.


An upgrade to whatever is the latest server/router/application/gadget I use. World peace. A solution to global warming. A stop to deforestation of everywhere. A complete halt to whaling. Full and real freedom of the press. Failing that, jewellery or accessories made by a local artisan or market stall, music from a new indie band or fashion from that designer that is yet to be discovered. Make it quirky, make it so now it’s tomorrow already. Also, make sure that whatever you buy is from a Fair Trade supplier and doesn’t use too many fossil fuels in its’ production.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

Next year I’m going to allow myself to think about me. My issues and concerns are as of much value as those impacting other people.


Focus, common sense and a new set of boundaries. Love, romance and spare lenses for my rose-coloured glasses. A star to wish on, a bottomless glass for my wine of choice, happy endings and a flying carpet to take me where ever I want to go. Or shoes- beautiful, toe killing, glorious shoes. Oh, and some pedicure vouchers to repair my feet afterwards!

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I am going to set a goal with a real physical beginning and end- I’m not going to change mid-stream or be distracted along the way. This year I’m going to finish something that I start. This year I will limit my forgiveness meter to just 3 separate hurts per person before I stop feeling sorry for them.