Aimer jusqu’a l’impossible


Can you smell that whiff of saccharine? Yep, today is Valentines Day, that day when lovers everywhere pay homage to the patron saint of greeting card manufacturers, chocolatiers, florists and restaurants everywhere who think it is ok to pay triple the price tonight for a meal that last night came with actual service.

What’s that you say? I’m missing the point? What about all of those great martyrs, you say? Martyrs? I’ve done my Wikipedia searches too and as far as I can tell, all of those dudes named Valentine who were executed as martyrs to Christianity actually didn’t have a whole lot to do with romance. We have Chaucer and the England of the middle ages with all of its talk of courtly love for that.

I’m still missing the point? Where is my sense of romance? I’m an astrologer, so where are the posts on Venus?

Here’s another whammy- Venus is not really about love, not entirely.

She likes to be in love- mainly because she likes to feel good…and there is very little in life that makes you feel better than being in love- really in love, stuck on your mind love, can’t get enough of you love.

She loves beauty and lovely things- they make her feel good too. She likes to bring people together, she loves unity- because that also makes her feel good. But as to the actual commitment of relationship? That’s more Saturns’ business. With Venus it is the idea or the concept of relationship that feels good- and Venus likes to feel good.

Sure Venus will show how you like to relate, what you like in a relationship. Again, this is because it makes her feel good. Getting the idea? Venus likes things and feelings that make her feel good.

Doesn’t that mean that she is selfish and love is supposed to be selfless? Self- interested is possibly a better word, and Venus is definitely interested in herself.

But you’re a Pisces, I hear you say, surely you must believe in romance? Isn’t there no more sign that is as romantic and fantasy driven as Pisces? Especially in love? Ok, you got me there. Venus is exalted in Pisces and us Pisces gals certainly pop the rose coloured glasses on when it comes to matters of the heart. Again though, it is the dream of love that gets us going…and the reality and everyday-ness that we have a few more problems with.

That’s why for all my protestations and denial of the commercialism and hearts and flowers that is Valentines Day, I will still be preparing my hubbys all time favourite meal for dinner tonight (Beef Wellington, in case you are interested), complete with a nice piece of stilton for after. I am also buying a “leave pass” (yes, it is allowed within the rules as long as I pay the fine- which I have done) from my FebFast commitments so we can enjoy a nice red.

Mercury has just moved into Pisces and is now sitting with Neptune in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G so even the most hard hearted of us should be able to find the words (or the text, or the tweet) to tell that someone special in at least 140 characters how we feel about them. If you have problems with words, express your love in other ways- through music, food, poetry, or just those extra special gestures that usually get over-looked. The Moon is in Scorpio, so intensity certainly won’t be an issue tonight…if you get my drift…

Or you could make some use of google translator and say it in another language- will get your message across and makes you sound smart…how’s that for multi tasking?

Vivre l’amour.