A Venus Rx Post…with a happy ending


One of the things that Venus retrograde is good for is coming back in contact with past loves. Sometimes there may be unfinished business that shouldn’t have finished, sometimes it could be because there was no closure, sometimes it could be so that you can breathe a sigh of relief and say something like “what the flip was I thinking?” During the 2002 retrograde, I met up with an important ex and had one of those Phew moments.

It was one of those meetings that couldn’t have been better engineered. I was looking OK, he wasn’t. Yes, I know that sounds bitchy… I was genuinely happy that he was doing what he had always wanted to, but was genuinely glad that I wasn’t a part of it.

So far this Rx, no relationship stuff has come back. Instead I have been dealing with finishing off the business of a financial transaction (an investment property) which was commenced during the last retrograde period. But then again, Venus rules my 8th house and is currently retrograding through that part of my chart. And besides, I don’t have that many exes to run into!

I heard a beautiful story on the radio yesterday that made me cry. The segment was one of those ones where people have to guess the year from the events and music of that year. One man called in to say he remembered 1983 so well because in Spring of that year he fell in love for the 1st time whilst on a family holiday. They were both teenagers and too young…but he never ever forgot her. Then, nearly 20 years later they met up by chance. Both had been through failed marriages in the meantime, but were currently single. They fell in love again on the spot. In his words- “within an hour she was in my arms and we were planning our future.” Unfinished business.

When I got home I checked the dates. The date of their separation was definitely Venus retrograde… How beautiful is that?


  1. What a lovely story to end with. I adore romantic tales like that – they give me hope! This retro Venus is definately falling more into the arts and money catagory rather than love for me. The last retro Venus however had me bumping into 3 ex’s over the course of several days – all of which I hadn’t seen for several years. And yes ‘phew’ was the response 🙂

  2. I am an old softie too and that story did have me sitting in teh car with tears rolling down my cheeks- much to the amusement of Miss 12 who just rolled her eyes.

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