A different point of view…


Take a beach ball- one of those ones that has ball shaped wedges in different colours. If you put a beach ball between two people and each will see different colours.

One side might be pink and orange stripes, the other could be white and green. A third person would see another combination. If you turn the ball around, you get a different perspective.

At this Full Moon, it’s that perspective that’s being brought into the spotlight.

Being in the centre of all the Grand Cross multiple aspect action (see yesterdays post) that we’ve got going on, this is a tough one.

In one corner we have ambition, power, and ruthlessness. In the other we have energy, restlessness and vitality. In another is faith and nutrition and in the fourth, well the Libra Moon, looking for balance, diplomacy, peace and perspective.

The best outcome of this is transformation of epic proportions. The worst is out and out rip em up and spit em out conflict.

The Moon in Libra is a reminder that when we’re confronted with these roadblocks, in order to succeed without coming undone, you need to take a step back and see things from the other side. Sometimes, no matter how angry you are, you have to rise above the anger, and see things from a different perspective.

Besides, with Uranus in play at this Full Moon, the solution is likely to be unexpected. With Pluto in the mix it will be powerful. With the Moon’s ruler, Venus, trine Jupiter, there’s an opportunity for faith to be inspired and relationships to be healed. There’s a lot in the mix.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen people who have been impacted by the cardinal cross, promoted at their jobs. I’ve seen some step up into positions of leadership, and others get swamped by a tsunami of chaos. I’ve seen over-confidence knocked down, and I’ve seen others hang onto knowledge thinking that this will keep them safe. It’s about perspective.

I suspect there is more of the same to come.

This eclipse, falling at 25 Libra 16’, falls into Saros Series 16 South. In The Eagle and the Lark, Bernadette Brady says that under this family of eclipses:

“individuals will find themselves dealing with issues of wasted energy or misdirected motivation… There can be sudden inspiration but this is potentially unfulfilling. No real action should be taken.”

How to make it personal for you?

  1. Read my DIY Full Moon Post. The link is here.
  2. Look at where 25 Libra and 25 Aries is in your chart
  3. Check out any aspects being made by the Full Moon- especially personal planets. The planets receiving these aspects are under a crisis of sorts. Use your keywords to help with this eg the Moon is about security, the Sun ego, Pluto elimination etc…
  4. Look beyond the facts ie “this falls square Venus”. Instead look at the houses ruled by the Moon and Venus
  5. Ground your energy. At the lunar eclipse, we need a reminder of the healing powers of Mother Earth, so if you need tips on how to bring earth into your life, check out this post.
  6. Remember, you might not feel the effects now. Perhaps nothing will happen…now.
  7. If you really want to make it personal to you, pick up a Moonshadow report, available from April Elliott Kent’s Big Sky Astrology. If you’re interested, you can order from the box just below the daily Moon spiel.

The Full Moon is exact(ish) on Tuesday April 15:

7.42pm NZ

5.42pm Sydney/ East Coast Oz

3.42pm West Coast Oz, SE Asia

8.42am London

3.42am NY