Something about wills and ways…


Sunday May 22, 2016

Moon into Sagittarius

Sun opposite Mars

You know that saying about where there’s a will, there’s a way? Well, that way could be a tad bumpier than usual today…and possibly involve a few more clashes of ego as well.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing- not only could something be coming to a conclusion or a culmination, but the anger and irritability that you feel could help point your will to the way that it needs to be heading.

In my case, I’m back at work tomorrow and I don’t need to be hugely self-aware to know that if I’m snippier than usual what the reason behind that would be.

It’s funny, but I’m writing this a few weeks in the past and I’ve just read a comment someone mailed me criticising my simplicity. I was tempted to reply and then thought, ‘nope, that comment says more about their ego than mine.’ Replying would make it mine. So I laughed instead. My style is conversational- although I try not to swear here as much as I do in real life. No apologies. I suspect, however, that the outcome might have been different if I read that comment today rather than a few weeks ago.

Regardless of what the cause is, Mercury is stationing to turn direct tomorrow, so think twice before you hit send on a message that could be misconstrued or back-fire.

What else? On Tuesday Venus moves into Gemini. I won’t be popping up a new post, but here’s a link to an old one. It’s in the area of life ruled by Gemini that you could find pleasure and fun over the next few weeks…