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Something about fire alarms, change and the koru…

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Thursday 18 July

Moon in Scorpio

I’m often asked where my inspiration comes from.

The answer? Everywhere. Real Life.

It could be a tweet, a newspaper article, a TV show, a line in a book, a line in a song, a song title, someone’s facebook photo, a photo…it’s everywhere.

These days I’m especially attuned to when I hear something of a similar theme more than once- it generally means I need to listen.

Today the Grand Water trine energy is at its greatest, with Jupiter trine Saturn and Jupiter trine Neptune being exact. The Moon in Scorpio is adding additional emotional intensity and Mars in Cancer just could be tempted out of his shell. In the background of all of this, Uranus is stationed retrograde and just may provide impetus from an unexpected source…

We’ve talked a lot over the last few days about the potential for amazeballs and frustration when it coms to Grand Trines, but today I want to concentrate more on why we don’t move.


Essentially the water signs are fearful. In essence their motivation is to protect their vulnerabilities- and what can be more personally vulnerable than your emotions, your family, your power, your dreams?

A writer friend posted a link on Twitter yesterday that rang bells, great big, loud, scary fire alarm bells. The link is here– if you want to read the article- but essentially the author, Stephen Grosz, cites research that shows:

that when a fire alarm rings, people do not act immediately. They talk to each other, and they try to work out what is going on. They stand around.


that when we do move, we follow old habits. We don’t trust emergency exits. We almost always try to exit a room through the same door we entered.

His conclusion?

Committing ourselves to a small change, even one that is unmistakably in our best interest, is often more frightening than ignoring a dangerous situation.


I see it a lot- both as an astrologer and in my other life as a writer and non-astrologer type person.

We all want to know what’s next, what will happen, how long and where that fire exit is going to take us.

This is why we hang onto outdated modes of behaviour, habits, jobs, relationships, whatever- because we know those exits.

Yesterday afternoon I had my monthly acupuncturist appointment. I talked to Lisa about how I’m sleeping badly again, how the asthma is playing up and my chest is tight and how my tummy is manky (and yes, she writes that in her notes).

Before she jabbed me with a million needles, she went back through her notes and commented how I had 3 months at the start of this year when I’d been playing around with my diet, when everything had been working well.

Then she asked me what I was scared of.

‘You know better than I do what works for you Jo? What are you afraid of?’

It was the perfect question to ask as the Moon aligned with Saturn, and yes, I had an answer for her.

Six years ago, when Uranus crossed my Ascendant, I had a koru tattooed on my hip. It was a connection to New Zealand, a place I love, but it was also to serve as a reminder that the tumultuous change I was going through was necessary for my evolution and growth.

Just lately my tummy has been a little verandah like and I can’t see it as clearly. These days I have to trust that it’s there. Sad but true. Just like I need to trust that if I step outside (metaphorically speaking), things will be ok. Sometimes we have to let go of our plans and our analysis and our what ifs…and see what happens.

My point is, the fire alarm is ringing and we’re in our comfort zone. Will you be going for the exit? If so, which one?

Original author unknown. With thanks to Michelle Marie McGrath




2 replies on “Something about fire alarms, change and the koru…”

Well this post rang a few bells for me as the building I work in (day job) burned down last week, killing a fireman 🙁 You know one of the strangest things is that there were signs. The biggest one I missed out on my blog post as it slipped my mind with all the craziness but there was a HUGE spider that appeared in our office the day before – sitting on the fire alarm! Someone asked what it meant – I remember thinking fate, strength, taking part in weaving your own future and FEAR!..Never really noticed the fire alarm. In truth my own ‘fire alarm’ has been ringing for a long time but it took a real fire to bring it home to me.
Anyway – sometimes life will absolutely say, you HAVE to move beyond fear, otherwise it will consume you. That’s my lesson learned.
Fabulous post Jo x

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