Something about enjoying moments…


Miss 15 is doing work experience at the local chiropractor’s this week. She’s learned more about the human body in three days than she has this year in science at school.

Anyways, as I dropped her off today, my car brushed against the herbs that line the car park. Wild basil, I think. Whatever it was, when she got out of the car, it filled with the fragrance.

Today’s been a little like that.

It’s been a day of appreciating things like that, of working with music in my ears (I’m currently listening to I Awake, by Aussie Sarah Blasko), of sticking to routine, of achieving word count goals.

The Moon is void in Taurus, so I figured the day could go either of two ways. I could either be completely lazy and feed my guilt at not doing anything with leftovers of the amazing pork we had last night (the recipe is on yesterdays blog), or I could go the opposite Taurus way.

The day started with an indulgence- breakfast at a local coffee shop.

My suburb in Sydney isn’t known for it’s cafes, but just lately a few have opened up that seem to be changing that boring, middle of the road attitude.

This mornings choice Youeni, was the perfect choice for a Taurus Moon day.

What’s so great about this place is that everything that they can make on the premises, they do. Bread and pastries are baked daily, they do their own conserves, they source their (mostly organic) ingredients locally where possible and their eggs are laid by happy chooks who peck around and do clucking chooky things outside.

The food takes as long to arrive as it takes to be cooked fresh. I like that. I like the attitude. That’s not to say that service is slow, just that nothing is pre-prepared. The other thing I like is that it feels like I could be in Fitzroy, Melbourne, rather than suburban North West Sydney.

When my breakfast- roasted pine mushrooms with crumbled feta, crushed almonds, fresh herbs and olive oil on toasted sourdough- turned up, I savoured every bite.

That’s what you do on under the Taurus Moon- savour.

Having satisfied my appetite I was able to settle down in the local library, a long way away from the distractions of catch up TV and a full fridge, I was able to achieve my daily word count goal.

The Moon will be in Taurus until early afternoon tomorrow (Sydney time)- and it will be void for all of that time.

If you feel yourself falling into the Taurus shadow (a very easy and comfortable place to be), try and mindfully bring yourself back to the present. In our busy lives, this is easier said than done, I know that, but sometimes just a stolen moment enjoying the fragrance of fresh herbs, a great piece of music through your headphones, or a fresh coat of lipstick can bring you into the here and now.

Things really fall apart under a Taurus Moon- especially when it’s void- when you try to work against the energy, rather than with it.

I’ll leave that one with you…