Jupiter Transits of the 2nd House- This is what I want, what I really really want

Pic by me, Sea World, Gold Coast
Pic by me, Sea World, Gold Coast

I may have the worst possible Mercury in history, but I have this really weird ability to remember stuff that means nothing and things that I really should forget. Lines from songs, obscure band names, music trivia and things I have done when I was drunk and when a better Mercury would have allowed me to forget. This sometimes comes in handy like when the line from a Midnight Oil song “Read About It” found its way into an Economics essay in Uni and earned me a mark far better than I deserved “The rich get richer, the poor get the picture, the bombs never hit you when you’re down so low…The bosses want decisions, the workers need ambitions, there won’t be no collisions when they move so slow…” Naturally I gave full credit to Messrs Hirst, Garrett and Moginie.

Anyway, one of the trivial things that came into my head the other day was a quote from nobody in particular “99.8% of statistics are made up.” Now I don’t know if that is true and, being a triple Pisces and a big picture girl, I am not sure I really care. But it then reminded me of another statistic I read about the 10 top causes of stress in your life. Somewhere in the top 5 was moving house, losing your job and starting a new job. And that, in turn, brings me to Jupiter transits of the 2nd house… because that is exactly what happened when Jupiter last transited mine. Within a period of a month, we bought & sold a house (yep, in that order), moved, I was retrenched and I started a new job 3 days later.

Another statistic that I am not especially proud of is the pile of restructure letters I managed to collect from the Financial Institution I previously worked for. I was there for 11 years (including 12 months maternity leave) and had managed to amass 13 letters in the previous 6 years advising me that my job had been restructured and all positions had been spilled. On each occasion I had been fortunate and either held onto my role or was promoted to a new one. But by the time the last restructure occurred I was ready to go and opted for a voluntary redundancy. Being so water dominated, I emotionally connect to most things in my life, and had defined myself in terms of my job, my position, my earnings and seniority. I was holding onto this even though I was now a Mother and had different priorities and values. In typical Jupiter fashion, a new opportunity opened up and, as stressful as the whole chaotic process was, losing my job back then was actually a good thing. But all is crystal clear in hindsight.

The 2nd house involves money, possessions and things that are valuable to us- our values and our ideals. It is also our view of ourselves and our goals, so when Jupiter is transiting this house, we are looking at expansion and accumulating in this area. Sometimes it is as literal as growing of personal resources through a redundancy payment (as mine was), but it also was more than that. Beyond the lump sum were issues around how I saw myself, my reserves of self confidence and what was really important NOW.

As with all things Jupiter, you need to be careful what you ask for. If your goal is around accumulating money, you may get that- but at what cost? Jupiter 2nd house transits ask you to think and deal honestly and with integrity – 2 Jupiter words. These transits also ask you to look at your values and spirituality- more Jupiter principles. Consider also how you treat the possessions and money that you have now, as mismanagement of both can be common under a Jupiter transit. Too much of anything can be, well… too much to handle.

Many years ago a friend lost his wife to someone else during a Jupiter 2nd house transit. He had been  earning great money, but at the cost of neglecting her. Looking back, he admits he treated her as if she was a possession. During that transit, he had to look long, hard and honestly at his ideals and his views towards marriage and admit that he didn’t always act with as much integrity as he could have. He has since remarried and now has a good relationship with his ex, who is also happy. In hindsight, as painful as it was, losing his marriage was one of the best things that had happened to him.

During a 2nd house transit, think about what is really important and just what you are prepared to do for that goal or ideal. Look beyond the material and the physical and ensure that you are being true to your own ethical reality. If you want to indulge a little (or a lot), go ahead… but be sure that you are buying those designer shoes because you really want them, not just to show the world that you can.