50 shades of black…Something about Saturn/Sun transits

In Medical Astrology, the Sun represents the life force.

It is fortifying, vitalising and radiant.

The Sun has these effects as it moves through your chart.

When it moves through your second house, it vitalises all things around money, possessions and values.

When it moves through your fourth house, it brings your home and history to life.

When the Sun joins hands with Venus, it brings radiance to your relationships…and generally, a good hair day.

As the Sun moves relatively quickly, however, the effects of its transit are fleeting.

In Medical Astrology, Saturn represents the process of aging.

It is restrictive, binding, contracting and chronic in nature.

Saturn has these effects as it moves through your chart.

It crystallises efforts, it causes under functioning, it slows, it inhibits, it devitalises and it lingers.

Small issues can become chronic, chaos can be slowed and controlled, boundaries can be erected where none previously existed.

When the Sun transits Saturn, there may be a day or so when you feel off your game, over burdened. You may have a couple of days where you feel older, with the responsibility of the world on your shoulders. And then, you wake up and it’s all over. That wrinkle you thought you saw isn’t quite as deep as it appeared yesterday when you felt extra tired and put upon.

Saturn transits of the Sun last much longer. Its effects last much longer.

The other thing Saturn does is teach. But he doesn’t teach in the way that Jupiter does. Jupiter educates and expands your knowledge of the world, of life. Jupiter is the stuff you learn because you want to.

Saturn teaches lessons- the stuff you learn because you have to.

As I’ve mentioned before, the better integrated Saturn is in your chart, the less likely you are to fight the message he brings. The less you resist, the easier the transit will be. Relatively speaking.

Saturn is now in Scorpio.

This means that if you have your Sun in the sign of Scorpio, sometime in the next 2 ½ years Saturn will be conjunct your Sun.

This doesn’t mean that everyone else can breathe a sigh of relief.

Fixed signs will by nature have problems with Saturn transits- Saturn brings lessons and Fixed Suns are rather attached to things just the way they are, thank you very much.

Scorpio holds onto emotions that would be far better eliminated. Taurus accumulates far too much of everything- both physical and metaphorical. Aquarius holds on stubbornly to ideas and as for Leo, well Leo is very attached to his ego. After all, the Sun rules Leo.

All of you will feel the impact of Saturn on your Sun:

Scorpio Sun- Saturn will conjunct your Sun

Taurus Sun- Saturn will oppose your Sun

Leo or Aquarius Sun- Saturn will square your Sun

Water and Earth signs? Some of you guys don’t miss out either, but the aspects are “easier”:

Pisces or Cancer Sun? Saturn will trine your Sun

Virgo or Capricorn Sun? Saturn will sextile your Sun

What will happen?

The impact will be individual.

If your Sun is on an angle, ie in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house the impact will probably be greater than if it is in the 3rd, 6th, 9th or 12th– relatively speaking.

So, again referring to Bernadette Bradys The Eagle and the Lark:

  1. What house does Saturn and the Sun fall in? These areas will be the cause of any action.
  2. What house is Saturn transiting? This is where the major action will be taking place.
  3. What houses are ruled by both Saturn and the Sun? This is where you will feel the consequences of the transit.
  4. What is the nature of the transit?

Looking at my upcoming Saturn/Sun transit:

  1. Both Saturn and the Sun are in the 1st house. Saturn transits always hit me right in the face, and generally have something to do with my health or confidence… and often both.
  2. Saturn will be transiting the 9th house. I’m hoping this can be literally translated into something to do with publishing contracts, but who knows.
  3. Saturn rules my 11th house and the Sun rules my 5th. This will impact my hopes and dreams, the people I associate with, the rewards I gather from my efforts and my creative projects and self-expression.
  4. This is a trine. Essentially this means that it will happen more easily- which makes a nice change…although this may also mean a quick increase in responsibilities!

Get the idea?

As for timing?

Don’t start the panic just yet.

Saturn will only travel 9 degrees into Scorpio this year- that covers birthdays through to the end of October (depending on the year you were born).

Depending on the degree, some of you will get 3 chances at the transit- when Saturn first goes across your Sun, when it retrogrades back across the Sun and when it turns direct.

Here’s the details:


Libra 22- Scorpio 9


Scorpio 4 – 20 Scorpio


Scorpio 16- 0 Sagittarius

Pay special attention to the stationing degrees:

Feb 18, 2013 Saturn stations retrograde at 11 Scorpio

July 7, 2013 Saturn stations direct at 4 Scorpio

March 2, 2014 Saturn stations retrograde at 23 Scorpio

July 19, 2014 Saturn stations direct at 16 July


Next time: Saturn transits of the Sun- what can you expect? 


  1. I always find it interesting that Saturn is the enemy of the lights, i.e. Saturn’s strong in Capricorn but not Cancer (the Moon’s sign) and Saturn’s strong in Aquarius but not Leo (the Sun’s sign). So in some sense, Saturn blots out the light and you have to work harder to find it and hold on to the light at the end of the tunnel.

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