DIY and the Gemini Moon

lime blossoms

So there I was trying to fix the garage door- it had blown open in the wind.

But where was the masking tape? The string? Duct tape even? Our garage is a pig sty (naturally I blame my husband…) so I couldn’t find any occy straps (sorry, octopus straps). Hence the masking tape- which I’m sure I’d seen in the 2nd drawer of the kitchen.

Before I knew it, the contents of not only the 2nd drawer, but all of the kitchen drawers was on the kitchen bench. Ladies and gentlemen, Virgo Sun de-cluttering in action.

The Moon is now in Gemini and squaring off, as we speak to Neptune. Moon/Neptune squares can often be difficult emotionally- especially if you don’t have Neptune well integrated in your chart natally. Fantasies have a tendency under this (thankfully) brief transit, to be mistaken for reality. Don’t worry, those of us who have Neptune/Moon natally live with this daily. It can be kind of fun- and certainly very creative.

In the background has been the Sun squaring Jupiter. This is Big…with a capital B. This is one extravagant transit- and one we should still be feeling tomorrow. The only danger with Jupiter squares is, of course, excess. Yep. Possibly why I got into such a de-cluttering frenzy. Whatever.

Oh, the garage door has been properly fixed now- I found the powertools. Nothing is gonna move that baby now…or open it- but that’s another issue. After that I took some photos of my garden. I’m in a bit of a photo mood. In fact, tomorrow I am off to explore some of the historical sites of Sydney with my camera lens and a sparkly Gemini friend.

I’ll post the results here.


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