Burn Baby Burn

my home for the weekend

As I write, Venus is just hours from moving into Cancer, and, more importantly for you long suffering Mercurial types out there, Mercury is virtually stationary and will turn direct in just over a day.

This has been an interesting retrograde for many reasons- most of which can be found scattered throughout the London Olympics! It is, however, nearly over.

If we are looking for a theme of the week though, it would have to go to the applying conjunction between Mars and Saturn in Libra.

Mars is uncomfortable in Libra- his methods don’t normally involve relationships and compromises. Saturn, on the other hand, is exalted in this sign, so sort of like the favoured guest that you get all the good food in for and lay out all the fluffiest towels for.

Mars, amongst other duties, defends what is ours and what we want to be ours- our territories and boundaries, if you like. Saturn represents those boundaries. This is one of those times where you will get what you want only by following established structures and patterns. To do anything else will only lead to frustrations and irritation.

This won’t be exact until this time next week, but the pressure already feels as though it is building…As a transit, it is relatively short- lasting just a couple of days- but when Mars is involved, the potential for the “red mist” to descend over your eyes and create damage is unlimited. Bear that one in mind…

Maybe I’m already feeling the Mars/Saturn energy because the Moon is now in Aries and just finished the monthly plotting session that is the conjunction with Uranus. For some reason this aspect always reminds me of Dastardly Dan from Wacky Races…or is that just me?

Anyways, La Luna is now on her way to face off against Mars and then Saturn- more reasons why that energy is so “out there” at present.

Best advice? If you feel the steam building up, sweat it out…this will be more effective than waiting it out. The energy you burn may also push away some of the inherent frustration. If, however, you are idle, the tendency is to look for some other way to blow it off- that whole “I’m bored so I thought I’d start an argument” thing. Don’t look at me like that- we all do it!

Speaking of fire, the pics below are of a bonfire down at Eucumbene on the weekend.

Part of preparations for summer and the bushfire season each year is to burn off fuel- and this is the best time of year to do that in the Snowies. The ground is moist, the air is supremely cold, the surrounding fuel is generally wet and the potential for something to get out of control is minimal. Having said that, more than the usual amount of care obviously has to be taken. This particular fire was spectacular in its’ brevity before it ran out of fuel and was doused by sleet and overnight snow.

…which brings me back full circle to Aries Moon and Mars/Saturn! Controlled burn-offs to avert destruction. Love it.

Until next time…

If you want to read more about our weekend adventures of check out the pics, I’ll be posting over on www.andanyways.com in the next few days.