Better Together…


New Moons, as we know, are empty blackboard times- a chance to start afresh…but before beginning something new, you must, of course, finish something off. If we’ve been following the course of La Luna, the last few days with the Moon in Virgo should have helped with that.

Finishing off also means that the dark of the Moon and the few days of the balsamic cycle are also perfect for banishing things. Try writing it down and burning it, or burying it…getting rid of it- whatever (or whoever) “it” is- metaphorically speaking, that is! The cycle that is ending is whatever began at the Libra New Moon last year….If you can’t remember back to then (and seriously, how many of us really do?), it will probably have something to do with relationships or relating- because that is, after all, what Libra is about.

The Libra Moon is one of “we” as opposed to “me”. Libra is also the sign of balance, relationship, partnership. Not necessarily “love” as such, it is more how we can get along with each other, find compromise…at least that is the theory.

This New Moon is a little different.


If you look at the chart you’ll notice that I’ve deleted all the aspect lines except a few. Yep, this Moon triggers the cardinal T square that all us astrologers have been rabbiting on about for a while now (and will continue to do so for a while yet).  I haven’t paid as much attention to the t square as others have simply because it’s something that’s a part of the general astro weather for all of us.

The thing is, this New Moon makes it personal. The Moon has a habit of doing that.

T squares contain pressure and friction, so can hold amazing potential for real change…and the same for conflict and discord. Let’s break this t square down.

First up is the ongoing square between Pluto and Uranus- we’ve talked about this one a bit- most recently here and here. Everyone’s talked about this one a bit. In short, it’s a little like continuous change programs. In fact, I could easily play workplace bingo* with the phrases I use to describe this one. Suffice to say, experience and respect hold a lot of weight, but those coming up the ladder behind you with youth and innovation and acceptance of change can probably climb faster. In other words, sometimes the wheel needs to be re-invented in order to effect long lasting transformational change. It’s about a sudden removal of structures, habits and old ways of doing things. Because it’s such a slow moving, long lasting transit, this one needs a kick along every so often.

Next is Sun and Moon opposite Uranus. This can be a toughie. Luckily it’s short, but given that we have a New Moon involved, it’s sharply focused. Given that the Moon is in Uranus, what we’re looking at here is similar to the challenge of having Uranus in the 7th house- it’s about maintaining your sense of self and emotional security within your relationship or patterns of relating. It’s about doing relationship your way- and that doesn’t necessarily have to conform with what others ideas of relationship are. This one can also bring with it an ants in the pants restless need to break free of something (or someone). With this one it’s worth taking care that you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water…so to speak.

Lastly we have Moon/Sun square Pluto. I prattle a bit about Moon square Pluto each month, so by now we should know the drill. Any Moon-Pluto contact can bring with it an element of compulsion- this is especially the case with the square. It can also bring power struggles- some of which are directed inward as you’re asked to face unpleasant truths. We talked about Sun square Pluto during the week. My point is, the aspects of the last week or so have been leading us to this.

Now for the point of release. With T squares we always look at the release point for our answer- a planet making an “easy” aspect to one of the points. In this case it’s….drum roll please… Saturn.

Given how Saturn has been involved with Pluto and the nodes and Venus over the last couple of weeks, this should not come as a surprise. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago:

Saturn and Pluto are in each others signs and when this aspect perfects, we’ll have something the traditionals call mutual reception– when two planets are aspected in signs ruled by the other. It combines both the motivation and the opportunity to act.

Which brings me to the last, but by no means least, part of this puzzle- Saturn inconjunct Uranus.

I don’t talk a huge amount about the quincunx- I tend to concentrate on the traditional set of aspects- all part of my quest for simplicity. Anyways, the quincunx is a 150 degree aspect that when it’s part of a lunation or planetary set up like this one, it’s almost impossible to ignore.

Inconjuncts before- or quincunxes…you say potato, I say tomato- are like blockages, they’re the things that you’re not ready to let go of, the things that might just happen whether or not you’re ready… a little like when you do the plunger thing in a pipe and all of a sudden the blockage is removed and the water (or whatever) rushes freely.

My point? What is my point? My point is that you mightn’t be ready to leave your four walls and check out the horizon. Maybe you don’t have a choice in the matter. Maybe you shouldn’t have a choice in the matter. When it comes to Uranus, there’s no point in attempting to control the situation.

Maybe trying to bury the crap or refusing to dig to the depth you need to is contributing to the blockage…we often tend to talk blockage and constipation when it comes to Scorpio.

Anyways, there’s an awful lot to be thinking about, a lot to be putting together. Wherever 12 Libra (ok, 11 Libra 56’ to be exactish) is in your chart is where this will be playing out- so check out what is going on in that part of life. Look for anything with a couple of degrees of this- say 10-14 Libra, Aries, Capricorn or Cancer. Check out also 11-13 Aquarius, Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius.

This New Moon makes no aspects to my chart, but sits on the cusp of my 8th house- fitting as I’m hanging on Saturn finally moving out of there in the next couple of weeks. Yes, the italics are deliberate.

*Workplace bingo- where you pop the most commonly used phrases on a sheet of paper & yell bingo when they’ve all been used eg “let’s take a helicopter view of this one,” or “an environment of continuous change future proofing the ongoing strategy and corporate health…’ Get it?

New Moon 11 Libra 56’…the technical details…

New Zealand, Saturday 5/10 1.36pm

Sydney, Saturday 5/10 10.36am

WA, SE Asia, Saturday 5/10 8.36am

London, Saturday 5/10 1.36am

NY, Friday 4/10 8.36pm

LA, Friday 4/10 5.35pm