Book Review

2017 Horoscopes- New Year, New You…

I don’t know about you, but at this time of the year I start setting goals for the next year. It’s just a tad more difficult than usual this year as there is so much unknown – and it’s all the big stuff. We’re selling up here in Sydney, but have no idea where we’ll be living. At this point it will be somewhere along the stretch that’s known as the Sunshine Coast in Queensland – about an hour or so north of Brisbane. Hubby and daughter are going up there at the end of February – for him to start looking for work, and her to start University, and to find somewhere for us to live – but I’ll be here until the house sells and settles. Who knows how long that will be. Then there’s my job and income to factor in. It’s all very exciting, but oh so messy and completely unknown.

That’s where the astrology comes in. I have no idea what’s going to happen – nor do I want to, really…that’s a tad like a spoiler alert. What the astro does, though, is help me identify the themes and allow me to make decisions based on those themes and that timing – even though I can’t control the outcome. The astrology isn’t making anything happen, but it is, essentially, the long range weather forecast and helps me dress accordingly, so to speak.

I’ll post later today (or tomorrow – I’m back in the office tomorrow, so it depends on how much writing I get through today) on my annual transit map, but if you want help in understanding your themes and timing, I can’t recommend Sally Kirkman’s annual horoscope guide enough. She’s written a comprehensive guide to 2017. Three thousand words per sign. Yep, that many. Plus a guide to the main planetary aspects of the year.

Anyways, here’s what it’s about:

  • The complete eBook is 177 pages.
  • It includes 12 horoscopes, one for each of the 12 star signs (over 3,000 words per sign), so you can find out what’s coming up for you and the people you love.
  • In addition, find out your best dates for love, work, money & luck so you can use the timing of astrology to good effect in your own life.
  • There’s an extensive section on the year’s astrology (8,000 words), so you have all the key information at your fingertips. This includes chapters on the major planetary aspects, Venus & Mercury retrograde, the eclipses, the New & Full Moons.

Here’s what you learn:

  • The major themes for your star sign in 2017
  • Which areas of your life are boosted when the planet of opportunity and abundance, Jupiter, moves through sophisticated Libra and passionate Scorpio
  • What Venus retrograde means for you and what to avoid while the planet of love is in retreat
  • Which months include powerful eclipses so you know where change is likely and how you can best deal with any challenges which come your way
  • How to use the knowledge of astrology to your advantage: good luck is good timing

The ebook is for sale now through Sally’s website for £10 for all 12 star signs (or the equivalent in your currency). That’s the same price as last year…

You can download it here.

Oh, and if you want to find out more about Sally, I just happen to have interviewed her for Catching Stars. You can find it here.

(As a disclaimer, this isn’t a sponsored post – so all opinions are my own – although I did receive a copy for review purposes)…