2016: Stop Wishing, Start Doing…

Inspirational quote on picture frame over a dirty brick wall. STOP WISHING. START DOING.

I mentioned in my 2015 round-up post how 2015 was one of the most difficult and challenging years I’ve had in recent memory. It was also one of the most productive and rewarding. Ever.

Difficult, challenging and productive. That sounds awfully like a year full of square shaped transits…right? Wrong. Saturn was hanging about a bit, Uranus was sidling up to Venus, Neptune was exchanging sweet nothings with Mercury and Pluto was sextile my Ascendant. Nothing too onerous in any of that.

So, what (or who) was the culprit? Jupiter. Yes, Jupiter. Running rampant through my 6th house. Work was, to say the least, busy!

Jupiter is very active still this year, as is Uranus, but with Saturn squares in the background, I’m not expecting 2016 to be any easier. Given that Pluto will sextile my Ascendant three times this year, there’s an opportunity to not only work for my success, but reclaim some power and achieve an ambition or three along the way.

To that end, I’m setting some seriously big and hairy arsed personal goals.

To recap, in 2015:

  • I published two books: Baby, It’s You and Big Girls Don’t Cry
  • Between this blog and my personal blog I published 356 posts. Coincidental and unplanned, but true.
  • I wrote the first 50,000 words of a new novel in November and in the process “won” Nanowrimo
  • I contributed to a series of astro diaries
  • Big Girls Don’t Cry was included in Styling You’s list of summer reads.

If we include rewrites and edits, I dread to think how many hundreds of thousands of words I wrote in 2015- all as well as holding down a stressful full-time corporate gig, a home, and a 17 year old doing the HSC. It was a big year.

To get it all done I had to make some difficult choices. The biggest and personally hardest of these were:

  • I essentially stopped my freelance writing- taking on just a couple of projects over the year
  • I stopped doing astrology readings

2016 written on sandy beach

I intend to continue the momentum this year…I have to, this- the writing- is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I don’t want to be doing this juggling thing for ever- it’s exhausting. That means that the writing needs to start to make a return on investment. That also means some re-prioritising and a couple of important changes. The biggest of those changes is this website. It’s expensive to run- and I work too hard for it not to be paying its way.

Don’t worry, I’ll continue to provide regular and free content here. Although I’m rarely active on Facebook (and continue to evaluate my presence there versus Twitter which I adore), I truly enjoy writing these rambling over-sharing posts.

Nor do I have any intentions of moving to a subscription service. I’m way too undisciplined and commitment phobic for that. It does mean, however, that from time to time I might (carefully) choose to enter into an affiliate arrangement with a product that I believe in.

Most importantly, it means that I need to include in my production schedule this year some astro ebooks- Part 1 of the Tuesday Toolbox will be the first of these. It’s part workbook, part blog to book. I’d love it if you supported me in these ventures, but understand if you choose not to.

Which leads me ever so neatly into my writing goals for this year:

  • Publish another two chick lit novels. I’m thinking June and December.
  • Publish the first two astro workbooks in the Tuesday Toolbox I’m thinking April and October.
  • Release Baby, It’s You on ibooks
  • Release Baby, It’s You and Big Girls Don’t Cry to print on demand.

Of course I’ve set some personal intentions too around waist measurements and regaining my back strength. I’m planning another holiday location scouting trip to Bali, and contemplating an end of year physical challenge, but no doubt I’ll tell you about these as we get closer to that.

The mantra below says it all.