Book Review

2016 Astro Diaries



Happy New Year 2016 replace 2015 concept on the sea beach

I was involved in a project earlier this year with some other amazing astrologers to contribute to a set of 2016 diaries. At the time, I was juggling 5 stressy days in the partition and had Baby, It’s You due to my editor for copy edit- so personally it was a humungous effort to meet the deadlines.

What was an even more humungous (is humungouser a word?) effort was how our editor- Yasmin Boland– somehow managed to wrangle copy from all of us and get it into these great little astro diaries. Take a well-deserved bow, Yasmin!

There’s a beautifully illustrated diary for each sign.


Each sign begins with a year ahead summary, includes a summary for each month,


and a forecast for each day.


(Apologies that the pics aren’t great- I haven’t received my copy yet, so downloaded these images…)

Who else contributed? So many of us- including Yasmin Boland (of course), Sally Kirkman, Kelly Surtees, Gary P Caton, Christina Rodenbeck, Joanne Madeline Moore…and heaps of others.


I won’t tell you which signs or which months I wrote for, but if you’re interested, here’s the link.